[SOLVED] eGPU Code 12

After setting up my framework, I ran into a problem where my eGPU (rtx 3080 in an EG200 enclosure) doesn’t output anything to an external display in windows 11 on my 1260p. After doing some digging around I found that in device manager I found the following:

A quick google search told me that other people have experienced the same problem, with one person on another forum resolving it by uninstalling duplicate drivers. However they didn’t really go into enough depth on what drivers they actually uninstalled.

I’ve spent the day on it, and have come up against a brick wall as I haven’t really ever had to debug anything thunderbolt related before. Hopefully someone here either came up against the same problem, or knows of a way to fix it I guess.

If display drivers is the issue then DDU is your friend

The thread mentioned duplicate TB drivers however


Try using DDU to remove all display drivers, then removing all the framework drivers you can find in the control panel uninstall tab. Then just run the framework driver package and install your nvidia drivers.


Thanks a bunch guys, DDU was the hint I needed to fix it.

For anyone that runs up against this problem in the future:
Step1: Download DDU and the relevant nvidia drivers
Step2: disconnect from the internet, and remove all nvidia drivers using DDU
Step3: after DDU reboots your system, install the nvidia drivers.

After that it should work and you can reconnect to the internet and plug in the eGPU


i just tried it and i have an amd egpu and it still says error code 12
ive tried everything else but nothing is working can someone help please
because my egpu isnt even outputting anything