[SOLVED] External Display Delayed Wake-up Issue on Fedora 38


I recently switched from Windows 11 to Fedora 38 on my 11th gen Framework laptop and encountered an issue with my external display connected via HDMI on an expansion card. After the laptop goes into sleep mode or is turned off, the external monitor takes about 2 minutes to wake up. The display is recognized in settings, and I can move the mouse between screens. I cannot reproduce this issue on a MacBook.

As a Linux noob, I would appreciate any troubleshooting suggestions.

Thank you.

UPDATE: I just tested with two other displays (portable with USB-C interface and TV) and this works just fine. Short “start-up” time on both. Seems that there may be issues with my Samsung monitor.

It indeed could be. Could be cables, could also be the displays themselves and some random setting.

What model Samsung display is it and how are you connecting to it (dock model or expansion card type and DP or HDMI)? If you’re connecting USB-C to the Samsung and using an adapter, this may be part of the issue.

Thank you. After some further testing it seems that the HDMI-cable was the issue. It just coincided with changing to Feodra. It was connected directly to the expansion card.

Appreciate your help.


Delighted this was able to be resolved. :slight_smile: