[Solved] Fan rattling even after replacing unit

Any hypothesis about what might be going on with this one?

Using an 11th generation Framework, I am experiencing a mysterious rattling noise when the fan spins up. This has persisted even after replacing the fan and heat sync assembly.

Beginning a few months ago, when my fan spins up due to CPU load etc., a rattling noise can be heard coming approximately from the location of the fan and heat sync assembly. Indeed, the noise tracks closely with fan RPM, i.e. no noise when the fan is off and louder with higher RPM.

Originally, I figured this was just bad luck with a faulty bearing in the fan. However, the rattling persists unchanged after completely replacing the fan and heat sync assembly!

Any ideas on what might be going on and how to fix? Thanks in advance!

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Barring the possibility of the replacement fan being faulty as well is there anything hanging from the bottom of the keyboard that has come loose over the fan area?

Well, that was fast. I checked the keyboard underside and didn’t see any potential offender. However, I did gently tighten the screws and massage on the black plastic backing layer, as if working out bubbles.

For whatever reason, this seems to have ameliorated the problem. What an incredible guess! Thank you for the help, @FlyingTypeTrainer!

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