[Solved] Fingerprint scanner in FW16?

gd day, I’m confused, did my FW16 come with a fingerprint scanner installed fm factory or do I need to buy one? if the former applies, I have installed the goodix driver but Windows says fingerprint recognition is not available on my device…
I believe its a matter of services I need to check if they’ree up and running, any ideas what to look for?


Congrats on your new FW16. Welcome to the community!

Your power button has the fingerprint sensor built into it. After loading the drivers you may need to reboot Windows for it to recognize that it can be used to authenticate logins.

If it still does not let you, try reinstalling the driver pack again and rebooting. Then check in the device manager to make sure there is no hardware without supported drivers. If that continues to be an issue, you may want to contact support.

Thanks for the reply, found out what I needed to enable, it’s the biometrics option in the group policy. I did that and its all good now :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you update your post’s title to [Solved] Fingerprint scanner in FW16? if your issue has been resolved then please?

on it.

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