[SOLVED] FW13/AMD cannot switch display resolution

My basic question is if the display is capable of displaying another resolution then the native 2256x1504?
So far when using the default ‘Display’ tool every resolution I select other then 2256x1504 gives me a black screen and is reverting back to the working resolution after the 30 seconds timeout. The manual xrandr command shows the same resolutions as the gui. Switching resolution via xrandr also gives a black screen. Running Linux Mint Mate 21.2 with X11 on kernel 6.5.

Do you see this in a Fedora or Ubuntu live disk as well? This almost sounds like this kernel bug:

Is that what you are seeing? Does it matter which kernel you are on when it happens? Does it work with Wayland and does not work with Xorg?

There were kernel bugs specifically in 6.4 and 6.5 that are fixed in the later 6.5 point releases. You can upgrade to a newer kernel for the fix.
Here’s the bug report for it.

Indeed it seems a kernel issue. I was running 6.5.0. Running 6.2.0 solves the issue and let me change change the resolution as wanted and does not show a black screen.
Just for information: The Mint live CD does not show any choices at all!
Thanks for the fast response