[SOLVED] How to change Adaptive Hibernation

There is an inbuilt setting in Windows 11 which automatically hibernates the PC if it drains more than 5% in sleep mode. While researching in web, I found out that this setting is known as adaptive hibernation & default threshold is set as “5% battery drain.”

Can anyone guide me as to how can I change this to 10% battery drain. Please find the link of adaptive hibernation in microsoft’s website.

Should be under power plan settings I believe.

Right here:

@GhostLegion No, it is not under power plan settings.

@Anachron That is the link that I had initially mentioned. Can you help me with the solution?

I’ve linked the section because it even mentioned the powercfg commands you need to run to modify it.

powercfg /setdcvalueindex scheme_current sub_presence standbybudgetpercent

For 10% it should be

powercfg /setdcvalueindex scheme_current sub_presence standbybudgetpercent 10

@Anachron I had tried this, but it is showing as invalid in cmd.

Please show me the error message.

Someone did this before on his Framework and has success:


@Anachron I guess I was entering it wrong as I did not put a space after standbybudgetpercentage

Let me check for a day to see if this has worked or not.

Just an update, the power command has worked & it has solved my problem. Thanks



Thanks for the update,- glad it works!