[SOLVED] Intel 13th Gen and DDR5

Can’t find any info on the site yet, but will the Intel 13th Gen motherboard be able to handle DDR5?

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

Don’t think so


If I remember correctly, it was said during their event that they will support DDR4 with 13th gen.


Specs say DDR4 so no unless they do a special ddr5 version which I doubt.


Thank you all.


Hopefully going forward with future MB designs…DDR5 will become the default. Honestly a little bit surprised as to why they didn’t offer 2 versions DDR4/DDR5 for the Intel chip since 12 & 13th gen support it. DDR5 is only going to gain in popularity.

@pyguydev the 13th gen is most likely DDR4 to keep it an upgrade path for previous framework generation owners. Also offering both DDR4 and DDR5 means multiple motherboard designs, and doubles the # of SKUs.

Most likely with AMD being DDR5 I think it’s safe to assume any future generation Intel releases will be DDR5 only.

Another factor was cost. During the height of the pandemic, DDR5 ram was really expensive while DDR4 was cheap. The 2 benefits for DDR5 are on-die ECC and faster speeds. While the iGPU still benefits from faster ram, it still sucks so I doubt there would have been a huge benefit anyways. Not a lot of people know or care about on-die ECC so I think many are okay with the tradeoffs between DDR4 and DDR5.