[SOLVED] Is my webcam toast already?

Since this morning, I’m all grey and there’s no way to get color back.

Tested on my current distro (tumbleweed running 6.6.3) but also on fedora Live media (KDE and gnome), kernel 6.5.6.

And also on an installed Fedora (on another partition) running a more recent kernel (6.6.2 IIRC).

I doubt it’s software/kernel related, as it’s been working fine until a few days ago and I didn’t take any updates (also, it should still look ok on the live media).

Fedora live KDE

Fedora live gnome

I’ve tried disconnecting the whole webcam + mic module by unplugging and replugging the flat wire, but nothing changed.

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This feels like hardware already, can you try and file ticket? See if support can get into the bottom of it and have possible replacement?

cheers! :slight_smile:


Hi Loell,
thanks for chiming in, I’ve sent a support request a while after posting this, linking to this thread.
Hope it gets addressed soon :slight_smile:

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Update: FW support requested additional photos of the module + ribbon cable and connector, and upon inspection agreed to send a replacement module.

I’ll hopefully receive it by year’s end, and will report back. I really hope that’s the root cause of the problem, otherwise I wouldn’t know what else it could be…

Final (I hope :smiley: ) update:

got the replacement part in my mail today, installed it in 5 minutes and it works great.

Happy to report the case is closed, thanks FW support!


Thanks for the update @fw13amd , Happy to know webcam replacement is up and running. :slight_smile:

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