[SOLVED] Lid switch issues with 12th gen board

So I got a 12th gen board and upgrade kit a few weeks ago, and have been struggling with the lid switch not working. It seems like it should be related to the media keys issue that requires a kernel module blacklist, but the doesn’t seem to solve the issue. Closing the laptop lid doesn’t cause anything to happen. Did I just demagnetize the sensor somehow?

The lid sensor is on a subassembly along with the headphone jack, and not on the mainboard itself. There’s a chance that during the upgrade, it may not have been reconnected properly. You may want to check…

  1. Does the headphone jack work?
  2. Are both ends of the ribbon cable connecting the subassembly seated properly?

Ugh, yeah this is likely my problem. When I put in the new board, I got the connector backwards, and it looks like I may have damaged the subassembly connector (bent pins, does not work if the cable is connected). Weirdly the computer can detect that headphones are plugged in, but no sound comes out. There’s a reason I went into computer science instead of electrical engineering, I’m a ham-fisted cro-magnon :joy:

Thanks for the pointers @DHowett, looks like I’ll have to order that part!


Let us know if this ends up resolving the problem for you once your get the replacement. Thanks

Okay, swapping out the audio board (well, I swapped my whole bottom case because the screws were starting to strip out…) seemed to work! Interestingly, even despite the damage I had done to the connector, the lid switch did start to work intermittently after I got the cable the right way around. In any event, thanks for all the help, I’ll leave you with a picture of my mangled connector!

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