[SOLVED] Monitor capabilities suddenly not recognized

I recently booted up a Framework 13 (11 Gen) that I had been keeping as a backup in case my main laptop had issues. I have a multi-monitor setup using two external Asus monitors with 1980 x (something) max resolution. One is usually plugged into a USB-C dock and the other is plugged in directly to an HDMI expansion port.

I started using the laptop Friday night and the monitors both worked fine yesterday. This morning, I found the laptop would not wake up from sleep and the fans were running at full speed. After waiting some time to see if it would resolve on its own, I held the power button until it shut off. Upon reboot, the monitor plugged into the HDMI port was no longer detected as an Acer but as a generic display with a much lower (unusable really) resolution. The other monitor was detected ok and had the correct resolution.

In the course of my troubleshooting, I unplugged both monitors and tried them one at a time. This time, both monitors showed up as generic and with lower resolutions. I switched the monitor running through the USB-C dock to a direct connection through an HDMI expansion port. No change.

I booted into a live Kubuntu 23.10 environment and the same problem was still evident for both monitors, which makes me believe its a hardware issue.

Any ideas what would cause this or how I might troubleshoot further?

This appears to be a problem with the monitors. Neither will work on another laptop I have. I should have checked this earlier, but dmesg shows:

EDID block 0 (tag 0x00) checksum is invalid, remainder is 224

after plugging in the monitor. The fact that this happened to both monitors at almost the same time seems highly suspicious. But, ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

I did also plug a TV into the framework laptop and it was detected accurately and works just fine.

Thanks for updating the thread @RandySyring :slight_smile: