[SOLVED] Ordered my framework, have a few questions

I recently purchased a framework laptop, I live in Australia so I was wondering if anyone else had ordered one and how long it took to get delivered? I had to wait slightly longer due to the lunar new year (which is ok), do they assemble them in Australia or does it have to come from the U.S.

Also, I plan to install Linux on my laptop and have zero interest in installing/using it so do Framework offer refunds/credits for that?

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Did you order the DIY? If not then it comes with Windows whether you like it or not. No refunds there. DIY was the only way to avoid paying for Windows. It is shipped direct from Taiwan, neither manufactured in USA or AUS.


Thanks for the information.

No, I was going to do DYI but I decided against it, it’s not too much of a deal breaker about windows, at least I have an option if I ever want to do back to windows (ha, unlikely)

I am hoping it’ll be here in time for my study in two weeks, fingers crossed it arrives soon.


If you had already a windows license from an old laptop(has to be atleast windows 7) buying a license is pointless.

I didn’t buy a licence, it was already included when I purchased it (it was a win 11 pro licence), I just wanted to know if it was possible to get a refund on a licence I will probably never use.

If it’s a recent (last 5 or so years) OEM license, it’s locked to the motherboard and will not activate on new hardware.

Right, but now that I think about it my dads thinkpad(7th gen intel) has a physical license if I’m sure