[SOLVED] Page scrolling in terminal

On Fedora 37 in gnome-terminal, when I list a big directory I would like to scroll using PgUp and PgDown keys. Normally Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDn would accomplish this on other keyboards. However on my framework Ctrl+Fn+PgUp or Ctrl+Fn+PgDn don’t work. Even using the Fn lock and Ctrl+Up or Ctrl+Down don’t work. Scrolling using the touchpad works fine.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

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Personally I like to use

ls /dir-name | less

Then escape that with Ctrl + z

This is what I like to use. This allows me to scroll up and down using my arrow keys.

Now you’re going to want something with a page scroll.

sudo dnf install most


ls /dir-name | most

Using u or d will allow you to scroll up and down; space just scrolls one way. There are other functions available by going to h for help.


If this is close enough to what you need, let me know so I can mark it solved.

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Use Shift + Fn + UpArrow or DownArrow

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Thanks Matt and mcz.

I’m familiar with less, but it’s hard to go back and forth with it while typing commands. I tried the keys mcz suggested and they worked for me too! Thanks a lot mcz!

Please feel free to mark this as question as solved now.

Delighted this worked for you.

Both options have their benefits for sure. :slight_smile: