[SOLVED] Short freezes on Ubuntu 22.04

I have a brand new 12th gen laptop with i5-1240p and custom SSD (Samsung 980) and ram (2x16GB Corsair).
I’m experiencing short freezes, i.e. the laptop seems blocked, the trackpad, the keyboard don’t work, and any running video freezes as well (but not its sound). It lasts 3-4 seconds, until getting back to normal.

I’m able to reproduce this issue by running docker on the command line (but it isn’t caused by docker itself, it’s just an easy way to reproduce it), with this basic command:

docker run hello-world

Once finished, after a few seconds, the laptop freezes 80% percent of the time.
However, when I turn off WiFi, freezes stop, which is strange.

I tried many things but I was unsuccessful so far:

  • i915.enable_psr=0 as kernel parameter
  • nvme.noacpi=1
  • kernel 6.0
  • X11 instead of wayland
  • kernel logs searching for an error (I’m not an expert I might have missed something)

I had the exacte samething 1 month ago. Especially while video calling. I have posted somewhere on the forum already. I have it like once in a week
Stock 5.15 or 5.18 works best for me
Waiting for bios update to for this brand new architecture.

Have deactivate ecores too for a month. And it seems better

I have found the culprit: it’s the gnome extension OpenWeather.
It’s hard to believe (I have verified at least 10 times), but disabling it removes all freezes.

So it’s not a Framework nor a Ubuntu problem…

I had a very similar problem: Core i5-1240P, 2x8GB Crucial DDR4 3200 RAM, Kubuntu 22.04.2 LTS. The problem first occured shortly after installation in September with the default 5.15 series Ubuntu kernels. I installed the “linux-oem-22.04” package to upgrade to the 5.17 series Ubuntu kernel. That kernel series has been perfectly stable. No freezes or lockups of any kind. Out of curiosity, I have also tried the 5.19 kernels from the 22.04.2 HWE stack, and also the 6.1 kernel from the “linux-oem-22.04c” package. Both those kernels have exhibited freezes and sometimes complete lockups. A clue can be found in the system log: When the freeze occcurs, I’m seeing a GPU Hang: ecode 12:0:00000000 entry. I can only conjecture that a graphics driver regression (i915 is my driver, modesetting is enebled) appeared in some of the Ubuntu kernels. Try installing “linux-oem-22.04”. Hope that helps.

Stuff like this can absolutely cause issues. Glad you have this resolved.

This seems to have solved it for me as well! Did not get anything in the logs, and I was completely lost trying to solve this…

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Very strange case that a single extension is causing this short freezing issue, if you guys could indulge me, might be work checking the over time memory consumption of openweather extension, might also work checking the contents of the extensions directory

ls -latr ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions
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