[SOLVED] Support replacement order still showing "Order placed"

Recently I had an issue with my screen and after contacting support with a few back and forth after 2 weeks. They concluded I need a new screen, and placed replacement order for the the screen. The order was placed on 28 Jun and I haven’t had any updated from them since, I tried emailing support again but to no avail.

I am sure they are overwhelmed with support queries right now, but I didn’t expect turn around time of 3-4 weeks (Still going on, 17 Jun was when I submitted the support req it is 5Jul today).

I have only seen positive reviews, and I am guessing this is a one off. But can someone explain the how to replacement order process works? And when can I hope to receive it (order was placed on 28Jun)?

It’s only one week since the issue was 'resolved and if you read you will see that sending a second email will just load the system more, which you recognised

I’m sure you won’t have to wait long.

So is the screen you are using still ‘usable’ albeit with some problem or are you left in the dark :slight_smile:

I know that but not having laptop as a developer, ends up stalling work. The screen is not usable at all. If I had any other alternative device I would have been a lot more patient given that framework is a small company.

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Can you at least plug it in to a monitor temporarily ?

I don’t have one. Which is why I have been so desperate.

I don’t know if this is possible or realistic, but there have been a few times where in a pinch I used a TV as a monitor via HDMI.

It’s not a great long term solution, but it can get through a few hours or days if needed (at least it did for me).

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I would send a DM to Destroya, or hope that this ping gets his attention. He should be able to check on the status of your order and make sure it gets out. (note that he does not work weekends, so he’ll likely respond to you as soon as he can next week)

For anyone who finds this post in the future, this is not the correct way to resolve issues, making a post on the forum allows the mods to flag issues to support for them to reach out.

In ireland we have tv license. So I don’t have a TV either, I have thought of every possible alternative. Right now I am planning on borrowing monitor from a friend if there is any further delay or I don’t get any concrete shipping dates.

BTW thanks for all the replies. I genuinely love this product and the detail they have put into it. They did outsource a lot of things like logistics and manufacturing, to keep the costs low but this comes at the price of not having the whole customer experience in your hands. It’s the tight rope to walk and I do think they are doing their best.

I also got a reply from them informing that they are looking into the situation. Still no updates regarding when the product will be shipped but that’s something they can’t control either if the delay is due to the shipping partner. I do hope to get it in this week, because I have been without a laptop for better part of a month

They did respond they are looking into the situation, hopefully I get an update this week and the screen in the week!

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Just to provide an update for everyone: this order was processed today. Jack can update the title by adding [SOLVED] after they receive their replacement part. o7


Quick update still waiting for the delivery. I have the tracking ID now. And it shows it will be delivered between 12 Jun and 15 Jul. I’ll add [solved] after receiving the part as @Destroya said. (Update) FedEx changed the delivery date to unknown

Final update: the screen was delivered today, Jul 12th. So effective turn around time of ~15 days which was something I initially anticipated. Not having the any information regarding shipping is what caused me to panic because all I saw was that the order had been placed and not shipped for a week.
The delay was possibly caused by customs as the package was opened by customs for inspection.

Framework support had been extremely responsive and updated me regarding the situation of the package.

Thankyou @Destroya


Marked solved! Glad everything worked out!