[SOLVED] Trackpad Repair

The bottom left of my trackpad doesn’t make an audible click and no longer registers left clicks. Everything else works fine including the bottom right and moving the mouse with drag and left clicking in the bottom middle. I would like to know how to fix this issue. I can provide more details after my shift ends in 10 hours, so if you have any questions, just leave them below so I can read and respond later. Thanks!

You can try readjusting the trackpad. In addition, some members have reported that removing the bottom black portion responsible for click and reassembling it seems to have fixed their issue.

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something is either wrong with the padding or the spring. i haven’t figured out how to completely fix it yet

edit: does the touchpad kit come with the clicker? im planning on ordering another touchpad just incase i can’t fix it

From the marketplace pictures, it does look like it comes with it.

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I would contact support and see if it’s something they can do under warranty. Document, document, document.

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using this guide, i do believe i got it working. it appears to be working just fine now. im still keeping the support ticket open just in case something happens between now and then. Touchpad Rubbing Fix Guide - Framework Guides

edit: it decided to stop working again. ughhh

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yeah. i keep fixing it and it keeps breaking. im ready to pull my hair out as it shouldn’t be this hard to get the trackpad to click properly. especially since i didn’t touch the trackpad (repair) prior to it breaking and only had this laptop for 2 and a half weeks now

don’t get me wrong, i like this laptop. i plan on getting the 16" in the future. it’s just, this is frustrating. hopefully a permanent fix will be available soon from the support team. apparently they came back from being closed for thanksgiving today

edit: from what i can tell, there seems to be some kind of compression issue with the clicker itself. in that when the keyboard lays inside the laptop, the clicker is compressed and not decompressing. i still haven’t figured out exactly what it is yet, so i still have to mess with it for a while before i can get it to work. it’s currently broken as im typing rn as ive basically just given up

Try putting something in the center right below the part which does the clicky thing. I ended up snipping a 2cm stripe of 6 post-its together on the chassis below the touchpad to make it klick.

My chassis is seemingly bent (arrived like this) as it wobbles slightly on a flat surface. This also bends the input cover out of shape slightly, preventing the click from working correctly.

The support handled it well for me, you might have to go that route as well.

i guess since it looks like the order shipped for the touchpad, i could see if the support team would allow me to send in the original one for a refund. it doesn’t look like they’ve seen my original support ticket to cancel the replacement order as it was last answered by an automated email


the below text is what i wrote to support just now

I previously ordered a touchpad kit (order R542131136) due to the clicker not working for the bottom left. I’ve tried to fix it, but it keeps stopping working before the day is over and I’ve only had the laptop for about 3 weeks. I’d like to ask to send in the original touchpad as I was told something about a warranty (Trackpad Repair - #5 by DanielKinskey) for a refund of the cost of the touchpad. I just hope this new one fixes the clicking issue as it is super frustrating for this to break within 3 weeks. I hadn’t even disassembled the keyboard or anything before it first broke, only replacing the m.2 nvme with a larger drive and adding more RAM.


how do i check if any responses were issued for my ticket? i’m not seeing anything in my email and i can’t find the page to view my tickets on the website

i just got the replacement touchpad. it does not come with a clicker, only the touchpad itself with the cable attached. it did fix the issue as far as my preliminary tests go. i just installed it 2 minutes ago. i’ll send pics of the package later so you can see what it looks like and i’ll be seeing about if i can return the old touchpad to get a refund on it. hopefully they’ll cover this under warranty. i did notice the rubber padding was centered correctly on both sides of this new touchpad whereas the old touchpad had it on the very bottom edge under where the left click would’ve been used, so i believe the original touchpad had a defective placement which i couldn’t permanently fix

edit: as promised, here’s photos of the replacement touchpad

edit 2: how do i mark this as resolved?

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it doesn’t show the pencil icon for me

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