[SOLVED] Why does Framework could not be delivered to countries in Europe

Isn’t this for low value goods only? (< 150€)

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Developers tend to do that.

Hmm, it seems so. IOSS won’t work then.

This is Framework’s official stance on expanding EU availability, per @TheTwistgibber on Discord:

Hello friends. As the conversation has shifted a bit from freight forwarding (as we’ve been shutting those down) to the legitimate question of why we aren’t just focusing on setting up international entities to streamline the EU restrictions that require significant overhead to enter new countries officially, here’s a bit of education for those that might not be in the know.

There’s a significant misunderstanding of how international operations work and what it takes to maintain multiple global entities for a company of less than 50 employees, all working remotely. While we absolutely understand everyone wants us to be everything, everywhere, all at once, we’re being compared to multi-billion dollar international behemoths as far as international presence, and even those companies aren’t everywhere, even to this day.

As a United States company operating internationally with offices in United States and Taiwan (Taiwan as our international shipping partner is there along with manufacturing), we are bound by different rules than EU-based businesses that wish to sell/ship their product throughout EU Member States.

Until we are at a scale with the appropriate finances, resources, and streamlined governmental authority to operate without what can only be described as crushing overhead, this can’t happen.

Given that this thread is just reiterating the same points over and over, it will now be closed.