[SOLVED] Wifi connected, but not working


I have Ubuntu 22.04 installed on 2nd generation Framework laptop. Today, my wifi stopped working. It shows that it’s connect, but I’m not getting any internet. Other devices have no issues. The status bar shows an ethernet logo instead a wifi logo.

I use ProtonVPN and I notice that when I ran nmcli d, there was an entry for pvpn-killswitch and pvpn-ipv6-leak-protection. I wonder if that could be causing an issue. I uninstalled ProtonVPN and these entries were still there.

Any thoughts?

Update: I manually downloaded and reinstalled network-manager, but the problem will exists.

I figured out the issue. ProtonVPN was blocking the connection. I fixed it using this page: How to install the ProtonVPN Linux app on Ubuntu 20+

Glad you have this resolved. In the future, I have an article that can help with other wifi related issues as well.


Thanks, Matt

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