[Solved] Will I have enough bandwidth for various ports over the USB-C on the graphics card?

My current laptop fails at being portable because of its size and many plugs in it. I think that this kind of laptop would be a great solution if it had a USB-C dock or hub that can support multiple modular IOs. Could I run Display Port 2nd, Ethernet, MicroSD, and any extra USB ports over the USB-C on the graphics card and not get bandwidth or transmit speed issues?

Edit: I got my answer, however if anyone reading this has a good dock solution that at least supports Display Port 2nd and Ethernet that would be very helpful.

USB-C port on the back of the GPU Expansion Bay module is DisplayPort video out plus basic USB 2.0 data.


You can, but you’ll only get USB 2.0 speeds. That USB-C socket is mostly intended as a display output port. In addition to that in only essentially supports the bare minimum USB speed, probably to be USB compliant at all. Any higher USB speed would need a separate USB controller, which would take bandwidth away from the GPU.