[SOLVED] Window title bar blurry

I was wondering if this was normal, a fedora thing, or just me.

All of my window title bars are blurry, no matter the font or font-size. Even the minimize, maximize, and close buttons are blurry.

Thank you for the help.

Do you have display scaling? If so, display scaling on Linux is known to be a bit iffy. Also, GNOME changed how fonts render so they look a bit more blurry.

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I am using kde, scaling is set to 150% even, but they are still blurry at 100%.

@Chris_Frank Are you using Wayland? I tried Wayland on Fedora and noticed that it had issues with blurring while using fractional scaling. Try X11 and see if you get the same result.

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I am using wayland. I will give x11 a shot, thanks!

So I went back and set the display scaling to 100% again, and it did solve my problems. I don’t think it is too small for me currently, but if it is, I will figure something out…lol

One thing you can do which leaves scaling completely alone (which I find to be best) is to go into accessibility settings and use large fonts. This handles most of the scaling issues while also not messing up anything in the UI.

I prefer using Wayland as it is more efficient, and I’ve seen slightly better battery performance when using it.

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Thank you for this! I will definitely give it a try. I also prefer wayland, so thank you.

I actually figured out that it is the theme I am using that is causing the blurriness at anything other than 100% scaling

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