Some thought about Dave2D video about Framework (16) performance vs price

I am not talking about Framework going bankrupt financially.

I think they will be very successful, at least within the niche they target.

They just loose people, who believed into them for years.
And that’s always a sign of a cooperation loosing their soul.
They are absolutely on that way, IMHO.

I see now, that they don’t care, and I agree with David, that their value proposition is just not there, that is all.

They could have improved in more ways than just via being upgradable.
And they decided, that’s not worth it.

The ‘tinfoil hat minority’ that you look down upon, is exactly the type of group, that usually invests themselves a lot into a project like this.

I tell you that they don’t feel heard, or seen.
And you tell me, that you don’t want to hear or see them.

And that’s the issue.

Hey now! A decade-old Thinkpad can still get a kid through college or connect someone to services they need or people they love for less than anything you can buy new, so at a performance vs price perspective, for some people, you can’t beat a T420!


Please re-read the guidelines post. We welcome differing opinions, but this thread is getting toxic and will be removed if it continues.


I happen to think decade old Thinkpads are awesome myself. Great notebooks! :slight_smile:


Whether you are talking about a $300 used laptop, a $269 Best Buy special, a $2,500 Framework 16, or a $4,000 MacBook Pro kitted out with some of their crazy SSD and RAM options, no laptop will represent a good value proposition to every user. No computer can be everything to everyone.


You further prove my point.
There is nothing toxic in what I write, and I am not hurting the guidelines.
You just don’t want to read, how I feel about things.
As said: Ignorance is more important to some of you, than listening.
As said, that’s why I think this path is not a good one.

That is my opinion.

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Might be better if everyone leaves this thread alone.


Alright. Everyone’s had their say, but this thread has not improved. Closing.