Sound Quality

I love my new Framework laptop - love it !
I have Framework laptop and a Surface Pro 7 side-by-side.
The sound quality (listening to Rush) is so much better from the Surface than the Framework that I feel I must be missing a setting - does anyone have any ideas ?
(Or maybe the Surface sound quality is stand-out - it blows my wife’s iPAD Pro out of the water…)

What iPad pro does she have? I got my iPad pro 2018 instead of the surface pro 7 because the speakers were so much better in a side by side comparison.

Not sure about the framework but will report back when my batch 3 is shipped.

I find if the laptop is sitting on a hard surface, the sound is very decent.

However, if you have the laptop sitting on your… lap, or on any kind of soft surface, the sound is very muffled and bass heavy. like it’s inside a bag or something.

This is most likely from the downward firing speakers, and without a hard surface to reflect the sound back upwards towards you, just sounds off.


Are you using speakers or head phones, personally I was surprised how good the headphone audio sounds and how well it drives headphones compared to most windows machines. The speakers however, are good, but not did blow me away.

Same here. The headphone jack has quite a bit of juice.