Sourcing ACES 51688-0510M-001 for the touchpad connector


I’m trying to connect the mainboard to a set of peripherals. I have a touchpad cable, which attaches to the mainboard nicely, but I need the connector for the other end of the cable (that would normally connect to the touchpad–listed in git as ACES 51688-0510M-001). I can’t seem to source this part. Does anyone have any ideas? It’s not a normal FFC with straight pins (it has a sort of honeycomb pattern), so I don’t know how to source an alternative part. Thanks!

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It may be easier to skip using the Touchpad Cable and directly interface to the connector that is on the Mainboard. For example: MyKiCad/Laptop mods/framework_input_brkt at master · CRImier/MyKiCad · GitHub


If you 100% want it I might be able to find a source.


Thank you so much! Using another of your posts ( in case anyone finds this page via google) I was able to verify and order the required part. And thanks to this post ([SOLVED] Anyone know how to ID a socket? - #8 by mrwm), I can secure a breakout board to test things out. :smiley:

Thank you! I’m going to try to just use the mainboard connector instead. It will likely be a cleaner project this way.