[SOLVED] Anyone know how to ID a socket?

I’d like to take a stab at finding the laptop cover’s connector. Anyone know how to identify something like this?

Background: I’d like to see if I can convert the laptop cover into a stand alone USB trackpad + keyboard.


I would need to open up the laptop and check, but It is probably this type/style of connector.


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From what I’ve found so far, it is one of the board to board connectors, and looks like AC01S50WA1 (socket) + AC01P50WA1 (plug).

Not sure if it’s the same, as I didn’t measure the height and pitch.

Socket picture on the framework laptop (added ruler):

The socket height is 2.5mm and plug height is 1.4mm


I’m curious how far you got with this. I found this guide which covers typical FPC ribbon cables as well as socketed FPCs:

I was hoping someone else had the idea here and had a Framework-specific how-to.

(no I totally didn’t snatch up a clear Input Cover Kit without a laptop/mainboard to use it with… that’s something a crazy person waiting for Team Red processors would do)

Unfortunately, I didn’t get anywhere in identifying the socket, aside from knowing about FPC board to board connectors :stuck_out_tongue: . It’d be great if there are others that know more about identifying connectors.

Amphenol 10156000-051100LF is the one that is on the mainboard. 10156001-051100LF is the mating part that is on the Touchpad Cable.


Official part numbers! Much better than where my Google-Fu was getting me, I was in cell phone flex cable territory. Thanks @nrp !

Also it occurred to me that attacking this project from the B2B connector might be the wrong way when we have:

  1. The 51 pin ribbon connection at the other end (input-kit-side), and
  2. The individual ribbon cables for Touchpad, Keyboard, Power/Fingerprint, and Backlight.

Finding equivalent FFC cables and their corresponding sockets, then following through with the approach I linked yesterday might get us there quicker, though using the Amphenol part would get everything all at once.

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I made a breakout board for the connector and it’s available on OSH Park here:


I also have 5 4 sets of the connectors (5 4 male + 5 4 female). If anyone wants a set, just send me a PM/DM for details for me to send it at just the cost of postage.

I was planning to make something like a thinkpad keyboard connector → framework keyboard connector, but I don’t have the time right now. It’d be interesting if anyone else would like to take a try at it though.


Just curious, I don’t suppose these connectors are easily replaceable, right? I ask because the receptacle on my mainboard broke and I would love to repair this if possible.

Depends on what you call easy. Should be no huge problem with a good temperature controlled hot air gun and some electronic soldering equipment (iron, flux, copper braid, tweezers, etc). Louis Rossmann (he has a Macbook repair YouTube channel) would probably replace these in 20 seconds or so.

If you don’t have the equipment maybe try to find a repair cafe or some hobby electronic people near you.

I would absolutely love to find out the pin out of it so that I can mod it for interesting modifications.

@feesh: Ideally, a hot air gun would be used to heat up the socket joints and then a tweezer/chopstick/or tool to remove your faulty socket. You might have luck if you bring your board to a repair shop that does phone repairs, as I would assume they would have the tools necessary for repairs already.

Shoot me a PM if you’d like a set!

To prevent melting the connector you are able to heat from the bottom of the board. It may take longer but will prevent it melting.