Speakers sound quality

Other than images showing nicely labelled little speaker modules flanking the main board, audio is one of the few aspects I haven’t seen covered yet.

I guess they are downwards firing, but could they be a step up in power and fidelity from the generally awful standard of most Windows laptops, following in the steps of the webcam?

I wonder if there would be any market for slotting in higher quality speakers if desired



Stereo 2W speakers with 5cc of backvolume generate loud and clear audio. The dual MEMS microphones are connected to a hardware privacy switch, giving you full control.


On the same page, in the animation under Expansion Cards there are downwards facing holes which I assume are for the speakers.

As for upgrading the audio, I wouldn’t be surprised if the quality is mostly limited by the space in the laptop. Looking online, it seems like laptops with good audio quality also have way bigger speakers than are in the Framework laptop. Maybe a future larger model laptop would have room for expansion in this area.

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Cheers, sounds good enough! Weirdly I can’t find that ‘Audio’ section when I go to the DIY link - thanks for pasting it

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I’m really curious on how good the speakers are. As I’m really tired of the crappy speakers on nearly 99% of all window laptops. Or if there will be ways we can upgrade the speakers. Any info directly from framework would be great.

We maximized the physical size of the speakers in the space available, with 5cc of backvolume and large transducers. We feel good about the both the quality and loudness.


That sounds promising. Thank you for the answer!

Macbook quality speaker perhaps? That would be amazing