Spring 2023 is ending in 11 days, Framework?

Will it be delayed? Preorder probably isnt coming soon when they seem to be hands tied on 13th gen &amd release, seems like delaying fw16 will better prolong media coverage


This dynamic world we exist in means that things can come up outside of Framework’s control, but my experience is that Framework is pretty good at doing what they say, and being upfront and transparent when something else forces a change.

Like you, I am exited about the FW 16, but I also know that this is a lot of technology and groundbreaking in MANY respects. Time is worth the wait in this case. Framework is leading the way here, and it is awesome.


The solstice is June 21st, making the last day of spring June 20th which is what I took to be the deadline. I’ve been operating under the assumption they will take every last day of it too and as long as they get it right, I’m good with that.


@OperationCWAL By the meteorological calendar, spring should start on 1 March and end on 31 May. Rgl late June should pretty much be summer unless ur sking in australia

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I can’t believe I’ve made it this far in life unaware of such a calendar. I thought maybe you were referring to some sort of quarterly business calendar. My soul hopes they’re using the meteorological calendar and preorders open next week, but my wallet kinda hopes they’re referring to the astronomical calendar.

My soul also wishes I were in fact skiing in Australia, yet again my wallet says get back to work. I hate that thing…


According to the NOAA, meteorologists and climatologists use the meteorological calendar (instead of the “regular” equinox-based calendar) for ease of comparing statistics. I don’t believe that they had Framework product shipment dates in mind.

However, this all begs the question of which calendar Punxsutawney Phil uses. He is arguably a meteorologist, albeit not a human one.


Wednesday, June 21st is the last day of Spring on the calendar that we’re tracking to. That said, we’ll keep everyone updated on preorders opening. There’s still a lot of work going on behind the scenes.


At the very least can we get some teasers once a week?

It’s still pretty early days and things are super fluid. We’ll have to remain focused and heads down right now.


Given the amount of money I’m likely to spending on this device, and the fact that it will be a work device, I would much rather they take all the time they need to get it right, rather than rushing a product out the door to hit some self-imposed deadline.

I get it, it’s very exciting, and I’m fascinated to see what the dimensions and weight end up being, but I’m also very keen that they get it right the first time so that, all being well, I’ll only have to buy a new chassis every ten years or so, and a new mainboard every 3-5.


Pretty keen to see pre-order open up, because that’s when we see final specs. But I’m pessimistic about release timeframes now… people ordering a FW13 with AMD are now seeing a “Q4 2023” header on the configuration page. Was hoping to buy one of these this year.

That said, my personal preference is a full AMD laptop… and the next gen AMD graphics in laptops is not yet released. So it’s going to be a wait regardless - and all brands are probably held up by vendors like AMD in any case.

Oh well. We’ll see. At least once they’re done AMD stuff might not be catching fire at random anymore. You know, one can hope at least.

@Gregory_R_Burton assuming they don’t change the preorder date, they should ship late 2023, according to their website:

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Thanks for the reply.

Based on this, it sounds like they will using every possible day of the spring before they share details + preorder links.

I can wait that long but not much longer!

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Only 29 days left in Spring 2023. When can we order the Laptop 16? Can we yet? Huh? Huh? Can we? Huh? Pretty please? How many more miles? Are we there yet?


Yep. People are getting antsy


@Twistgibber at least there’s a voice from Framework! I’m holding out to the bitter end!
:+1:t2: :+1:t2:


I feel the same way but relax hahaha

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Why is it so important to have the laptop within spring? Isn’t it much better to get an amazing product that you can count on for years to come?

I understand the hype, but please don’t make it more dramatic than it is.


Official Update: pre-orders slipping “into summer”


That mentioned display sounds dope tho :smiling_face:

The Framework Laptop 16 has 2560x1600 resolution, a 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, variable refresh rate up to 165Hz, 9ms rise+fall time, 1500:1 contrast, and an unusually high 500 nit brightness. We’re also using the same matte top surface that is on the new matte display in the Framework Laptop 13.