Framework 16 preorder status?

As you’ve likely seen in the blog post, we had to delay preorders of Framework Laptop 16 until the summer as we’re still heads down on a number of items and we’re trying to shorten the time between preorder and actual product shipment.

Thanks for your patience, folks.


@TheTwistgibber So would this be after June 21st then? The preorder date.

I kinda get it, because I would also like to use the 16 for my uni studies, which I am already in the middle of. So the faster I can get it, the more it can help elevate my experience from the old junk laptop I currently use :smile:

That being said, I also strongly agree with taking your time and making it good, instead of releasing a broken product. I am sure the framework team is doing there darn best to make it right but also make it fast without making it bad.
I think it is awesome, that they communicate with the community in this forum. While more regular updates would be great, i guess they sometimes just don’t have much to say, that isn’t probably gonna change anyway.

So yeah, I am super hyped as well, but obviously the framework team is just as hyped, if not more, to finally release their awesome work. Not to mention making money on it.

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Literally checking the website every day for an announcement.

Really hoping the 16 has two m.2 slots.



I get the feeling the Pre-order date for the 16 is going to be 6/16… hope shipments will arrive by Christmas!

Spring will end on 2024-05-31. What do you all mean? :smile:

Framework | Coming soon in 2023: Framework Laptop 16 just got changed

It now says preorders open in summer 2023

edit: apparently this was already known 2 weeks ago in the blog post


We could always sign on for one of those manager roles Framework are advertising to help speed things up. Those are probably empty seats right now. Anyone’s an improvement on no-one, right? :smiley:

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I don’t mind if they take longer to open the preorders, I just want to know what the base price is going to be so that I can budget for this thing. Money doesn’t grow on trees you know. I’m going to have to save up for it.


Well, I hope it will not take too long till we can preorder this thing.
I am really in need of a new laptop.
I understand the fact that they are not ready right now and want to deliver a good product.
Although getting more information about the features would be very nice as a tradeoff to the longer waiting time.
You don’t need to tell us what hardware we get exactly but tell us the expected price or something like that. Something that keeps us hyped about it.

We might get another Deep Dive today or tomorrow on the battery and speakers. If they maintain a regular schedule with them, and do them in the order they listed.

Framework | Framework Laptop 16 Deep Dive - Display

More from the Framework Laptop 16 Deep Dive blog posts:

  • 180W Power Adapter
  • Battery and Speakers (coming soon)
  • Connectors (coming soon)
  • Enclosure (coming soon)
  • Keyboard (coming soon)
  • Expansion Bay System (coming soon)
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Yes I know, but I mean more information aside from the regular Deep Dive blogs.

what do you mean? the deep dives are made for this information but other than that, I dont think they will give any more info except at LTX and/or whenever preorders open. I see a lot of people talking about price but I dont think they can really give that just because it is even more configurable than the 13in. Like depending on what you get or what you decide to get form a 3rd party seller, it will vary highly. The only thing I can see them announcing the price for pre-builds but I dont think that would give an accurate idea since they are much more expensive that DIY.

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That’d help. You’d get a ballpark. But agreed otherwise HighGoat, price is probably the last thing they’ll lock in.

My bet is we’re looking at gaming laptop kind of money, depending on options.

yeah but I think they’ll stay away from that just because it might turn off some people even though they know it is more expensive than DIY.

Agreed but honestly I would be surprised if they dont have an option for a module that can be put in place instead of a dGPU because they would then be forcing some customers to pay like an extra >$200 for something they wouldn’t be using. Other than that I expect they will likely have “lower end” (I just mean like ones that are not top top of the line) CPU options for someone that is not looking for a beast laptop but just something for like school or something. One of the biggest selling points of this laptop is how modular it is so I would be surprised and honestly disappointed if they only have options that pertain to a certain customer base (i.e., gamers).

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I also hope they offer lower-end options such as no external GPU and lower performance CPU at least to save on price for office users who just need a larger screen and good battery life.

I’d love to know what the lowest config price point roughly is so I finally know whether this is even remotely inside my budget or if I’m entertaining a complete pipe dream. Is it $1000? $1500? $2000? $2500? I have no idea what to expect.

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Oh, a blank mod? Almost certainly.

And if they don’t the community will. Up on marketplace I think someone has been 3d printing a snack tray for holding a few nuts in a side slot; the back slot could fit a whole bag lol

The HP Zbooks we use for mobile workstations in my org all have a no-GPU option to get the price down a bit, which suits some of our users. Some want CPU grunt etc but have no graphics requirement.


I would guess the (current) base should be around 1500-2000, at least from what I’ve seen. Also very depends on just how many modules/things they haven’t shown us yet.

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so i guess the new enclosure deep dive means, that listing order has no relevance :smiley: