Starfield game code expired

Let’s just say I think you’re wrong. I am not here to discuss eternally about this.


How it works in Australia, is that when a company offers a freebie in conjunction with a paid purchase, the qualification for it must explicitly be stated on all promotional material ( we call the fine print at the bottom).

If the language on the promo says “you got this” and there is no qualifying fine print adjacent to the original offer, then our law says the company must provide the goods. It helps keep people honest, tame the marketing department etc. In the same way when products do not do what they were promoted to do, we get refunds.

Over here this expectation is not unrealistic - unlike say expecting things that were not promised for instance, like laptop lids that flex when opened from the side only - when we understand the engineering challenges and limitations that shape the product. :wink:

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You can report individually even with ACCC, it’s usually not too complex to do, they then deal with the company. Not sure how busy they are these days, but I’ll have a look some time this week.

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That was succinct!

Thank you. I’m a migrant and I didn’t realize the ACCC would do one-on-one matters.

Thanks for explaining, I see the difference in how it’s handled now. Best of luck in getting a good resolution

It said when you did the preorder in the window, like they had warnings right there about the time limit, so there’s not any validity for those saying there wasn’t any warning, it was there when you made the order, not even hidden or in subtext, just right there.


Thanks for your contribution Brandon.
You’re correct that the first " Framework Laptop 16 pre-order Starfield™ Premium Edition game code confirmation" email did state a time limit, and eligibility requirements, with link to the Ts& c’s.
I also checked with the ACCC, and recommendations concur with the format of promotion communications we recieved.
I’m guessing for those including myself who missed the timing - we were likely assuaged by the " Framework Laptop 16 pre-order Starfield™ Premium Edition game code’ email, and not taking immediate action by making an assumption, and we all know that when we assume, we make an ass out u & me. :sweat_smile: Hence, Concedam lepide cladem


Wait so all this thread and finally personal accountability gets taken… It’s almost like someone else said that before.

Sorry, were you saying something?:joy:


I had the same issue when I tried to redeem the code. The 2 emails I got from Framework regarding the Starfield promo never mentioned a deadline so I just waited for the laptop to arrive. Oh well… I have a bunch of other games in my backlog to play.

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Seems unfair, no dates on the e-mail from AMD. Why wouldn’t I wait until I received my new laptop before downloading etc? Maybe my old laptop wasn’t up to playing flashy games and therefore no point in downloading on that.
Poor if nothing can’t be done about it.

To quote from the confirmation email : “Please note that this is a limited time and quantity offer.” Then a link to the AMD rewards document.

The first paragraph in that document :"1. TIMING

a. Campaign Period: Campaign Period begins July 11, 2023, at 9:00:00 AM Eastern Time (“ET”) and ends on September 30, 2023, at 11:59:59 PM ET, or when supply of Coupon Codes is exhausted,whichever occurs first. Please consult the world clock for time zone conversion information."

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