Starfield game code expired

Finally got around to trying to redeem the Starfield game code and AMD says it’s expired. :frowning: The AMD FAQ says “go read the terms” and “tough luck.”


What a load of bollocks - I could never have even run the game on my old laptop - hence, like you I waited, never realised it was just a sham offer from AMD. We need a petition!
Actually I might just go thru the ACCC (Australian competition and consumer commission), who are great at pursuing dodgy and misleading advertising. ( Nothing to do with Framework )

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AMD’s terms seem pretty clear about this. The first question that comes to my mind is why on earth you would wait this long with redeeming the codes?



AMD were clear that in the Framework case you didn’t need to validate the hardware to redeem the code, and to the redemption date.


While I have neither pre-ordered a FW16 nor have any interest in Starfield, there is perhaps a distinction to be made between the letter of the terms and the ethics of how the promotion was handled.

Yet here, it appears that the terms may have also, incorrectly, included language about verification of the purchased hardware being required? And it appears that the clarification of this was largely from nrp’s posts on the forum?


While the ethics may be discussed this is likly something framework can’t change and AMD doesn’t care enough to do so. Waiving the hardware check was already a pretty big concession from them.


AMD is doing you a favor man.


The terms mentioned you need to redeem by Oct 28, 2023. You can redeem the code on your phone’s Steam app or even on the web site. You didn’t need to wait for your FW16, nor do you need to redeem on a PC capable of playing. You can redeem on anything that can access and sign-in into the Steam web page, or even with their mobile app.

I’m sorry that you missed out.


Finally got around to trying to redeem the Starfield game code and AMD says it’s expired.

I’m with you. Did not read that mail thoroughly back then because I thought I would just redeem the code when I get my new laptop … seems that we have lost our free coupon now :cry:

Actually the email confirming the codes does not directly mention end dates, nor quotas, hence it at least violates the requirements for promotional offerings in Australia. Ts&Cs must be explicitly stated here esp if they concern validity of the offer.

On receiving the ‘confirmation’ email with game code, the recipient is led to believe the promoted goods are redeemable - the only mention of end date is via the external link.

I have no issue with Framework not including this information, but as an AMD promotion it should always be up- front and explicit with timeframes.

As for AMD “doing me a favour”, since it was likely pushed to Framework thru AMD for marketing purposes, it’s more the customers doing the favour for the promotor in signing up!

And, there is no reason why - since time limit is not mentioned - one would redeem immediately. This is of course the intention of not explicitly stating the time limit, to allow potential customers to self invalidate.

Hope that explains the sentiment, I guess here in Oz we’re a bit stricter on these kinds of promotions.

… Anyhow, over it now, too many other things happening ATM to bother :sunglasses:


Also in Australia and also missed out (because I was also waiting for my laptop).

Do you reckon it’s worth reporting to the ACCC or are we too small a group for them to bother?

Because I don’t have hardware that will run starfield until the FW 16 arrives. When I tried to create an AMD rewards account in the fall, account creation failed. Since the email giving my code didn’t mention a time limit, figured I’d wait a while and try again. This time and rewards account creation worked, but was pointless. Not like the starfield promo was a deciding factor, but it’s frustrating that they won’t honor the game code.

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I think it was just meant as a cheeky dig at the game not being all that good.

I’m sorry for anyone who missed out. Good game or not, it’s a bummer to miss out on something you were expecting.


It was just a joke. Big T gets it. As far as your irritation at the situation. Plenty of folks got the starfield code no problem. There were forum posts discussing if we had to wait or not. If we had to have AMD hardware to redeem or not.

While I do not remember seeing “REDEEM BY THIS DATE OR ELSE” anywhere, I didn’t read the terms or conditions.

It sucks you missed out, but you’re making a big deal out of it and it is your own inaction that led to you missing out. As far as legality, I’m not Australian and can’t comment, but I would think the reply might be something like the date to redeem by was in the terms, you didn’t read them? well.

The offer has no business being limited in time in the first place, how can anyone defend that? It’s just in the hope that they can save the money by making you not redeem it.

I’m really surprised to read so many people defending AMD on this one. It is a marketing trick for AMD to generate profit in a way that does not have the customer in mind at the slightest. How can you even begin to suggest it’s not on the billion dollar company?


It’s not defending AMD. AMD didn’t do anything that needs defense. They offered a promo, people messed up redeeming the promo.

Is personal accountability a bad word now?

Do we sue a grocery store when we try to use an expired coupon? Or show up Monday for a sale that ended on Sunday?

I think in that case it is just a matter of you having very low standards! An amount of other people, in contrast, would like companies to avoid such arbitrary constraints, especially when they are clearly designed to screw you over if they can.

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You speak about this deal like you were in the meetings between bethesda and Amd when they hammered out the details. “Arbitrary Constraints” Like you have any insight into how the promo was made.

the amount of entitlement oozing off of you is astounding.

Having low standards? No I just accept responsibility for my failures… If I miss a court date I don’t blame Uber, If I pay a bill late, I don’t blame my bank and ask them to pay the late fee.

I’m so out of the thing that I did not even participate in the promotion. I just see people buying a product and being tricked by terms and conditions. If that’s an astounding amount of entitlement, consumer protection laws really are for whiny babies.

Tricked by a document that was freely available? Okay.
Consumer protection laws? How were you defrauded?