Starting over with Windows

Hey folks,

I gave Linux mint a shot to save some money and maybe learn a bit about computers. I like it, but I’m going to need to do some work/school stuff that involves excel, and maybe some other programs that I’ll want Windows for. The Libreoffice Calc thing doesn’t really cut it, and I have had no success at getting WINE or Virtualbox to run. I thought about messing around with dual-booting, but I also remembered that I really don’t enjoy computer troubleshooting/tinkering that much, and seems like that’s a big part of the Linux world. Cool stuff, but not for me. I’m just here to get away from planned obsolescence.

Long story short: Do I have to do anything in particular to wipe the hard drive and install Windows? Will a Windows install from a bootable USB automatically clean out all the Linux data I have in there?


Windows should provide you the option to wipe the hard drive when installing.