Status of Framework Support (November 6th, 2023)

Got a response regarding a defect touchpad today after five business days, so just hang tight, I am sure they are busy working through the requests.


Quick update: a few hours after I posted my message above, Framework Support contacted me. They requested some photos and I installed my OS using an external keyboard and mouse.

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Well, I’m getting more and more frustrated when i see others getting respones after 5 days. My last response is 17 days OLD! That’s much more than the announced 7 days of this thread! I don’t know, what has broken the communication flow. Perhaps my inquiry has been delegated to someone else and they did’nt get my correct email address? Please HELP, i trust in you!

My preorder #R966401886 was charged, however, I got an email afterwards saying that my payment was being reviewed. But it was already reviewed months ago when I placed my preorder :frowning: Is there delays in payment reviewing too?

Not just then. I never got any indication, let alone confirmation, that Framework is receiving or processing my mail replies to their support address. Since the day after delivery, almost three weeks ago, I’m trying to address faulty behavior of the HDMI expansion card in the right rear port: request #1. The first response came quickly and asked for further tests. Here is what I submitted as a followup support request #2 on Monday:

Hello, I have submitted a support request about the issue above on 27. Oct 23
and received a response from Riley on 2. Nov,
requesting further tests.

In response to this mail address I have sent three messages in total on 3. Nov
and 4. Nov with test results, log excerpts and observations. I did not get
any confirmation or response on these so far.

As mail responses of mine apparently already got lost with another support
request earlier this year, I’m not sure whether you are actually receiving
my messages. Could you please confirm? Otherwise, could you please provide
me an alternative feedback channel? What are the next steps to address the
HDMI issue?

And this is from Framework’s response to that ticket #2, received today:

It looks like we sent a response last November 2 with this issue. You may
check your spam folder for it might be received on that location.

Below that quoting my request #2 above, just to emphasize it’s not request #1 . Appears to be a total disconnect. Consequently, I have submitted request #3 this afternoon. What else could I do?

Framework support seems to have problems receiving some types of mail due to their software. Make sure you write plain normal e mails, do not quote them and answer below the quote, do not use other weird formatting or settings, just click reply and type your answer. That’s the best tip I can give you. It would be good if they had some other way of communicating, like a web interface to their ticket software, but that seems not be possible at this time.

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Thanks Jonathan! But how would I answer below a quote that I didn’t do? Other than that, I always used plain text. Some did have attachments, most didn’t. And neither of them made it into Framework support, apparently. As others reported they were asked to send photos, I assume that attachments are acceptable in general?

In any case, being asked to search for their message in my spam folder, which I had reported to have replied to three times already in request #2, is hardly related to mail formats.

Does framework have any precise mail format guidelines to make this work?

EDIT: Following your advise I have sent a new flat text mail without any quotes, composed of the three previous mails that went nowhere, plus attachments, and asked for confirmation. Let’s see!

Hello @Michael_Steffens. I’ve checked our ticketing system and we’ve responded to each of your outreaches, but never get anything back. Checking the mail logs, our emails are delivered without error or bounce. If you don’t get an automated acknowledgement email when you submit a ticket, that means you aren’t getting our messages, or they are being routed to spam or another folder managed by your email server/provider. I can assure you that our support team and system are not dysfunctional and we’re triaging hundreds of requests a day without issue.

Please whitelist and domains. From what I can tell, we get your initial inbound, we respond to it, and we don’t get a response back. If you want to create a temporary email through a major email provider, we can determine if your current email domain is having issues responding or receiving.


Hello @TheTwistgibber, so glad to get your attention!

Yes, this is the problem I’m trying to raise (besides getting my laptop fixed) with the last two support requests and now in forum: Your ticket system doesn’t seem to process my responses.

Yes, they are, and I have read and responded all of them immediately with findings, after putting hours of effort into conducting the tests you asked for. I did receive your automated acknowledgements after submitting each new request via web, and also agent inquiries via mail. No spam filter issue on my side.

My mail provider doesn’t support outbound whitelisting, from all I know. And whitelisting inbound wouldn’t help, as nothing is missing on my side.

First and foremost I would appreciate an address where I could send my findings to, and make progress in the laptop USB or HDMI issue.

We can also do the the test with a different mail account on my side. Using the present one every day, both sending and receiving without issues, I would be most surprised about a sending issue to your destination domain. An issue on the receiver side with my sender domain sounds more plausible, but who knows.

Please advise what subject and content I should use, because I don’t see any ticket number I could refer to, and the sender address would no longer match.

If you prefer you can send me all these information via mail to my known address, because – repeating myself – I could receive all you mail messages so far.

Hello @TheTwistgibber , I was just contacted by The inquire indicates that the findings I had sent before did not yet reach Framework. As requested, I have responded to today’s mail with the new info requested, plus the material I had already sent.

Could you please check and confirm whether this mail is reaching your mail gateway, or whether it’s rejected? I hadn’t got any kind of bounce or failure notification for any of my mail responses to Framework so far.

As he already suggested, if you do not receive a reply, please try using a mail account from a major email provider. Just include your order number in your initial message. There is no ticket number.


Hello @TheTwistgibber I received yesterday (monday 20/11) a framework amd (batch 5) with really big shipping problems (interior of the box totally wet, including laptop), and I need for sure a replacement unit or a refund. I haven’t even unwrapped it.
I’ve already sent 2 support tickets with proofs of the damage, I did not get any answer.
what do you suggest I do?

As indicated by the post you’re replying to, support is currently delayed and it may take more than one business day to receive a reply. Please be patient and await a reply.


Hello @polxmod. We do not provide live support and our target is to respond to each inquiry within a business day. That said, we are very delayed right now due to extreme ticket volume caused by batch shipment processing for Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series). Our oldest tickets that haven’t been responded to yet are 3 days old currently. Thank you for your patience while we work to respond to tickets as quickly as possible.


Just in case someone else is facing similar issues:

did so, using a different mail provider and address, and suddenly got the same kind of automated reply as I always got in response to web form submissions. That’s helpful and sounds like a given, but it isn’t if none of your replies ever got processed before.

@TheTwistgibber: the mail provider I was using with Framework so far is a major one and among the most widely used mail providers in Germany. So if you blacklist one of their entire sender domains, I’m afraid you could see the issue of never getting anything back with quite a number of support customers …

We have no other cases of email delivery issues from customers that are utilizing your specific email domain at this moment. I’ve checked the logs, and our outbound messages are not returning any errors. No inbound issues either that I can see as well.

Hopefully you’re currently unblocked with the new email utilized. Thanks!

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Is there an update on current response times? I have an open ticket that I received the initial troubleshooting instructions on and sent back images of a failed component on the mainboard on December 6th. Still waiting on a response.

Hi @Kenneth_Zimmerman. We responded to your ticket submitted November 28th on December 3rd at 8:48pm PT and have not received a response to our inquiry. It is possible, if you were attaching images, that the attachments were too large and the email was not sent as we did not receive it. Please check to see if it was successfully sent as we have not received any response beyond the original ticket submission.

Also checking, it appears you are using an email domain that may be a custom one as I’ve tried to look it up and it is not resolving. If that is the case, please whitelist and domains on your email server.


Thanks for the quick reply. According to my mail server, it was accepted on your end, so not sure what happened past that -

Dec 6 16:09:53 morty postfix/smtp[25170]: 919C320012: to=<support@ frame. work>, relay=aspmx. l. google. com[]:25, delay=8, delays=2.4/0.03/0.24/5.4, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0 OK 1701896993 s21-20020a056102301500b0046491980a44si196586vsa.8 - gsmtp)

I’ve resent the email, this time with a link to imgur instead of attached images, and it also shows as going through -

Dec 12 16:26:55 morty postfix/smtp[82623]: 7BEB820012: to=<support@ frame. work>, relay=aspmx. l. google. com[2607:f8b0:4004:c17::1a]:25, delay=0.8, delays=0.22/0.02/0.16/0.41, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0 OK 1702416415 q5-20020ac84505000000b0042588f83214si1237023qtn.133 - gsmtp)

I’ve confirmed we received your latest just now, and I’ve responded. We haven’t seen an issue with the area on the mainboard you’ve reported, so it has been escalated for further review with engineering.

Thank you for your patience.