Status of Framework Support (November 6th, 2023)

Hello friends,

Framework Support is currently seeing the heaviest sustained contact volume that we’ve ever encountered since the formation of the team in 2021. With some of the customer experience challenges that we’re working through with Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series) combined with being in the middle of batch processing (Now Batch 5) resulting in the shipment of thousands of Framework products globally, we’re having to get very creative with ticket triage, and we’ll be working this week on additional optimizations to streamline the process. Order modification requests are now 40% of the contact volume with some customers having three or more subsequent tickets in queue with requests for changes just prior to shipment. To assist our team, if you could please review your Framework Laptop 13 (AMD Ryzen 7040 Series) or even your Framework Laptop 16 orders now, regardless of Batch, to make sure we can get your edits done in Support in a single request, that would help us out greatly in bringing the volume down.

Being absolutely transparent, we own the above issue which is contributing to the volume spike. Self-service order modification is something we’ve had in queue for development for a long time. The problem is that we’ve developed our system on an open-source eCommerce platform that allows for unlimited customization. Unfortunately, as a small company releasing products in quick succession (6 major products in less than 3 years), we’ve been perpetually in the NPI (New Product Introduction) phase. We’ve developed and bolted on new features as needed, but that connective tissue, over time, builds up tech debt that has to be addressed. Even for our agents via the Admin functionalities, order modification is complicated as the limitations of what can be modified or added is a complex process that can lead to orders requiring engineering intervention should a mistake be made. Opening up the functionality for customers to make their own edits, without taking into account all the complexities that exist, could lead to a catastrophic customer experience. While order modifications have been easily managed in the past by our team without service disruption, the percentage of order modification requests, and even multiples on the same order over a short period of time, has led to a continuous stream of time-sensitive contact volume. If we capture the final payment before those modification requests are completed, the order is locked and transmitted to our 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) partner for shipment processing. Attempting to modify an order that has already been transmitted is a painfully manual process which is rarely successful given that the order transmission kicks off a chain of events that is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to stop given how everything functions. Given all of this, we’ve scoped the development effort for self-service order modifications and we’ve made the project a priority. That said, it will be a challenge.

We’ve all rolled up our sleeves and are handling tickets in the queue. Many have likely received responses from me personally on Tier 1 or order modification tickets. You are probably asking, “Well, why doesn’t Framework just hire more people then?” Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. We partner with a BPO (Business Processing Outsourcing) company on Tier 1, 2, 3, Logistics, Loss Prevention, and B2B Support. As we do not believe in seasonality in hiring (which results in spikes of hiring and layoffs through stack ranking), we staff for average forecasted volumes. We understand that spikes in contact volume are to be expected, and we’ll temporarily fall out of normal response times, but we’ve always returned to a stable state fairly quickly. The current state has been an exception that we’ve had to adapt to. We’ve already brought on new Support resources and have more on the way, but new agents have to be trained, nest, and shadow to become production-ready, which can take time.

We know this has been frustrating and please know that we’re doing everything we can to respond as quickly as possible. Our oldest tickets without response are currently 7 days old (as of November 6th, 2023). If you haven’t received a response for longer than that, something else is at play, especially if it was your first submission and you haven’t received a response, ever. That means we likely aren’t seeing your submissions, or you aren’t seeing our responses. If you are using a custom email domain with custom rules, please make sure to whitelist and Also, please check spam folders or your routing settings as emails might be routed to other folders, etc.

Thank you for your patience during this extremely busy time for our small team. While we’d love to be at the scale and support capabilities of some of our large industry friends, we have a lot of growing to do across a number of areas. If you are in the support queue, please know that you haven’t been forgotten about, and we’ll be with you soon.


Hi! I received my “We’re preparing your order” email last Thursday and hours later I sent an email asking a question (and I haven’t mentioned some order changes I would like to make yet.) This question is regarding shipping times and it’s important for me to choose where to ship to.

My question is: considering it’s now Monday, should I be concerned about my payment being processed and being unable to now change my order? How is that handled?

Thanks for be transparent on the current support issue.
Personally I changed several time the extensions I wanted with my laptop (sorry for that) and the support was always fast to perform the changes I asked.


Thanks for the update, glad to have transparency.

My heart goes out to you and the rest of the team, it’s a tough spot to be in. I appreciate the transparency and I hope it helps garner some patience from your customers. Best of luck!

It’s great to see you communicate all these important details, even if the reasons for needing to communicate them are not great. It’s good to see that things are being handled, and I can see why the sudden jumps in order numbers could lead to this situation. Best of luck to the full support team in working through all this, and I can’t wait to see the improvements that come from this!

I haven’t received my FW laptop yet, but I do appreciate these updates and your transparency on the current situation.

That said, I have seen FW staff write several times about “not believing in seasonal hiring”. I’ve led support teams and it is practically impossible to navigate these periods without some kind of flexible resourcing plan. It doesn’t need to be permanent staff (I see the point about hiring and firing via stacked ranking), but it can be temporary reassignment from other teams, individual contractors or leveraging third parties.

It seems that the support team repeatedly encounters these crunch points. And we all know that “doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of madness”!

Please take this feedback in the spirit of helping a great company and overloaded team!


Thank you very much for the transparency. It is very much appreciated!

@TheTwistgibber one suggestion for something that has helped me in similar situations professionally, and you have probably thought about this anyway so feel free to ignore:

For improving the order modification system it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing thing. Depending on your process you could reduce the workload a ton by having a dedicated contact form within the order page to modify orders.
This way you can send the request with structured data to your team which should already help quite a bit compared to reading emails. You can also automate step by step, starting with what is easily possible first. For example sanity checks on the modification or prioritizing based on shipping date and so forth.
Critically since it does not speak to your back-end directly you do not require a ton of testing for implementation as bugs or missing features will not break anything with a human in the loop.


Hope the team remembers to think of their own mental health. I know what it’s like to stare down a monstrous workload and a due date. It’s easy to get lost.

Thanks for the hard work and the transparency


My own support request, which IMO could already have been solved by now if it wasn’t for the constant requesting of new, unrelated information, has seen at least six different people in support so far. If it weren’t for this back-and-forth, I wouldn’t have generated 18 messages so far for a seemingly simple issue.
That said, I will just wait for my VAT invoice to arrive now that I know what’s up. Having a ticket number would be helpful, though.

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Hi, please let me know, what went wrong with ‘Submission from Service Request Form: Framework 11. generation refuses working’
Your last response regarding this was on october 27., where you requested more details. I sent requested details (photos) same day.
It’s about 3 weeks now, where my Framework Laptop is not usable and i’m really sad about that.
Regards Peter

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Order support is one thing, but I have twice requested technical/warranty support this past week on a critical issue that massively impacts the functionality of my laptop and has put my data at risk (hard hangs, spontaneous shutdown). I have had zero response. Sounds to me like your prioritization could use significant improvement!

New order triage can wait IMHO. When can I expect a response?

Are you making multiple tickets? Cause if you are, it puts you at the back of the queue.


You mean replying and adding information to the ticket (i.e. writing a reply to the email one gets from framework after submitting through the form on the website) puts one at the back of the queue?

Why would they handle it like that?

I got in touch for an rma on a faulty input cover on Monday. But since I read from others that their replacement was delayed by piece by piece requests for additional information I wrote all the info that I assumed would be requested afterwards anyway in an additional email yesterday.

Did this really delay the rma by putting me at the back of the queue… If so that is beyond frustrating…

No, I mean creating multiple support tickets on the Framework website (which some people have been doing when support didn’t respond to them yet).


Oh OK thank you for explaining. You had me worried for a second :sweat_smile:

Hmm, can’t seem to figure out how to reply to the correct post, but anyways…

Well, unfortunately given that I had no response of any sort over three days, and it was a new request and therefore there was nothing to update or respond to, and there was nothing in the auto-reply to indicate that there was a load problem, I did submit a second request. Seems wrong to punish folks (with serious issues to boot - not just order updates) when it is Framework who has the issues

I am now 6 days in, waiting for a response.
Laptop fried the input connector in the first minute. Also worried about the battery based on the melted whatever that was all over it and the touch pad essentially burnt my finger it got so hot (throbbed for 3hrs+ after incident)
First submitted support issue via the support form, updated the ticket via email 30 minutes after receiving the ‘we’ ve got your ticket please update with images, etc’ I haven’t heard a thing.
I was in batch 3, someone in batch 4 was able to recieve their laptop, fry their connector just like mine yet received confirmation their RMA would be accepted after 2 days…
Catastrophic issues such as mine should be top of the queue, I have been patient, I have done everything that is required and am being cast to the side

Edit: To make sure I am being transparent with my above ‘6 days no response statement’; After venting my frustration here & another tech orientated area, I have since received a response. I am being looked after and awaiting a final correspondence indicating replacement item/s are being sent.

Hello, I had a similar experience as @joshndroid

On Nov 7 I received and assembled my DIY Framework Laptop 13 (13th gen Intel). After many unsuccessful attempts, the computer booted up. During the first power-up, the keyboard, trackpad, and power button malfunctioned and I discovered the touchpad cable connector had melted. I was not even able to install an OS.

I submitted my support request using the customer support portal that same day, and received the automated reply. I replied to that email with photos of the melted cable. Since then I have heard nothing. As of this message (Nov 11) it’s been 4 days I have received no actual response from Framework Support.

This is very frustrating for me and damages Framework’s reputation. I was excited about my new laptop and I was telling everyone I knew about it. I love the Framework laptop design philosophy, and supporting people’s right to repair. This experience erodes my confidence in the company and your products.


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