Sticking tab key

Just got my DIY i7 today. Generally, everything is fantastic. Really impressed with the design and assembly. One problem… the tab key on my keyboard appears to be sticking. That is to say, it works, but under a normal press it doesn’t have the same activation feel of the others (mushy, zero activation force). The lower-left corner of the key feels “stuck” on something, which seems to be blocking any mechanical action.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is it something I can repair myself, or do I need to request a replacement keyboard?

I just got mine today and I’m in love. I noticed what you are talking about (I too have a DIY), and to me it just feels like the key is rubbing on the enclosure. Probably an easy fix.

But to me it isn’t so bad, it always works when I press it. I have literally no cons to share on mine. This thing is great!

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I think I’ve managed to fix it, but it required removing the keyboard and reassembling it. I suspect that dust or something was stuck in the mechanism.

You’re going to think I’m nuts, but I believe it was a spare silver keyboard screw that was stuck inside the tab key. After removing the keyboard and lifting it up, one silver screw fell out onto the floor. I blew air into the keyboard and reassembled it (being careful to put all screws back into the correct locations), and had one screw left over at the end.


@obfuscurity thanks for catching and reporting that! Could you PM me the serial number of your system? We want to trace it back in production and see if we can find out what happened during assembly.



I wonder if it was one of the 3 spares provided or an extra rogue.

I love that there are spares in the unit, but I am very much going to make sure they are tightly in place when I get mine delivered.

May be a good thing for anyone to check out as each time they are inside the laptop.

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@nrp No problem, PM sent!

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Mine just came yesterday and the enter key is sticking. I took the keyboard off and and the key is still sticking. Is there something I should check on?