Storage Speed/Type

This might be silly question if its listed somewhere but I’m trying to find out the highest supported read/write speeds that is supported by the Ryzen 5 7640u mainboard

The nvme slot is PCIE 4.0 x4 so you would be looking around 7000 MB/s for read and writes. However, in most workloads, you won’t achieve that speed.

The slot supports PCIe 4.0 x4.

That has a theoretical maximum of around 7880 MB/s sequential speed (performance when working with data that is all in the order on the drive such as a single large file) and about 1.9 million random 4k IOPS (performance when working with data that is spread across the drive, such as running an operating system).

In practice protocol overhead and hardware limitations limit top of the line SSDs (like the Samsung 990 Pro, SK Hynix P41 Platinum, and Solidigim P44 Pro) to around 7000 MB/s sequential and 1.4 million random 4k IOPS in ideal synthetic performance tests.

For most individuals, the most important things when selecting a drive are price and energy efficiency.

I was about ready to buy the WD SN850x or Samsung 990 pro in 2tb size for my future AMD framework 13 but then I searched and saw some reddit posts suggesting against use of these drives in laptops because of potential overheating issues…

Anyone have experience with using these drives in an existing framework or similar laptop or planning to use them on the new AMD? I saw some suggestions that the WD770 or Samsung 970/980 models run cooler and to be honest, it’s a laptop and other than initially copying and installing a lot of data, am I really going to notice speeds of 4gb/s versus 6gb/s on a regular basis? My use cases are web browsing, some coding, VMs, occasional photo/video editing, and hopefully playing around with some LLMs with eGPU (if the builtin AMD graphics drivers don’t cause an issue with using an Nvidia 3090 in the eGPU)

Edit: sorry, lots of posts on these drives in the forums here…I will search and read!