Strange White Lines While using 3 Displays w/CalDigit SOHO Dock

I purchased a CalDigit SOHO dock and for the most part it works flawlessly with my 11th gen i5 framework laptop running Ubuntu 22.04 L.T.S. I have however run into one issue, and I’m hoping someone here could tell me whether it merits any concern, you see whenever I attempt to use both of my external displays and the laptops internal display, I experience what kind of looks like tearing in the top right-hand portion of the screen.

According to the product page Dual extended monitors resolution maxes out at 4K 30Hz, I assumed I was fine here as neither of my external monitors are 4K, they are 2560x1440. I also assumed this in no way impacts my built-in monitor?

I should also note that I am not using a 100W PD, I am using the framework laptop charging cable as I was not even remotely concerned with fast charging, could this potentially cause this problem?

TLDR, I just want to know if this could potentially damage my screen if I continue to use my setup as is and if upgrading to 100W charger could remedy the issue. Any assistance is as always greatly appreciated, this is my first time dabbling with any kind of laptop dock and I am not well versed in USB-C as all of my other equipment is several generations behind.

If you head over to TTY1-6 and then back…would that clear that screen artifact?

I’m afraid I do not know what TTY1-6 is, however, I can say that the artifact does not persist once one of the monitors is disconnected.

Specifically, typically changing / toggling video mode from graphical to text, and back to graphical could remove temporary artifacts.

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Thank you for bringing this to my attention! Unfortunately, I cannot test the proposed work around as I have not been using all of my monitors with the dock, I have since switched them all on, but the artifact has yet to appear. Thank you for taking time to look into my issue, I do appreciate it!