Suggestion: groove in touchpad module for lifting screen

One thing that stood out to me with using my Framework 16 since I got it yesterday was that it felt a bit harder to get my finger under the screen to lift up the hinge, and then it hit me:

There’s no groove below the touchpad to press my finger into!

Most (if not all?) other laptops seem to have this. My previous personal laptop (MSI), my work laptop (Dell), Macbooks… and even the Framework 13!

It’s a minor detail, but one that makes it a bit easier to open a laptop. I’m somewhat surprised the Framework 16 lacks this.

That said, it wouldn’t be possible to add it to the existing touchpad module, since the metal’s a thin layer. I’m not even sure if it’d be possible to redesign the touchpad to include a groove due to the locking mechanism underneath that allows you to change the position of the touchpad. If it is possible, I would like to see a new version of the touchpad with that modified.