Suggestions for available RAM on 7640U

New Framework 13 DIY Edition. Went together easily, but it won’t post. Nothing happens at all. I have 1 x 32GB Crucial DDR5 4800. Chargers are fine, LED went from Orange to White in about one hour. I have read here about memory compatibility issues but Framework won’t sell their FRANRM0003 separately:

“Sorry, we only have stock of that item at one warehouse. You can only purchase it when combined with a laptop order.”

The only other recomended module on the compatibility list is by Adata is available in China only with 25 days shipment time.

I was wondering if anyone else is successfully using some other random module that is available in Europe that works fine? I’m not concerned with speed.

Tks in advance anyone. I guess it serves me right for being a cheapskate :blush:

Based on forum experience, mostly all 5600 MHz modules should be fine, for example the Crucial Laptop RAM is popular, and the one from Kingston. The slower 5200 mostly doesn’t seem to work and the even slower 4800 ones seems to have mixed results with some saying it doesn’t work, and some people apparently having no or only moderate problems (like random crashes).

Thanks you so much Jonathan. I’ve just bought some Crucial DDR5 5600 from Amazon with next day delivery - can’t wait any longer to get my Framework up and running :smiley:

In case that doesn’t work either, you’ll find numerous tested alternatives in this thread:

Yee ha!!! It works fine with 1 x 32GB Crucial DDR5 5600Mhz . Never experienced the need for faster RAM in about 30 years of PC building! Every day is something new :smiley:

Thanks again Jonathan

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