Suggestions regarding : framework Tablet, AMD, amoled displays with higher refresh rate + resolution, 5G, linux, BSD & accessories


  • would love to see modular tablets
  • due to reduction in parts such as trackpad, keyboard & some unneededs
    • a tablet would be thinner, lighter & less power hungry
    • should also bring down the Cost & points of failure related to them
  • tablets has much more advantages & use cases than I could have stated here

also, one could attach peripherals according to own liking
& convert it to a laptop / workstation

  • many Operating Systems do work on tablets including windows, linux & other UNIX-like/BSDs
  • touch friendly BIOS & access to it, would also be great
  • accessories :
    • keeping dimensions similar to existing products in market would also allow us to use accessories available for them
    • like in case of framework laptops, accessories for surface books are somewhat compatible

expansion card

  • 5G expansion card / slot would complement this idea without degrading the form factor


  • touch screen
  • high refresh rate
  • amoled
  • higher resolutions for content creation


  • AMD options
  • support for more architectures in future

Many Many Thanks for showing interest in our Free and Open Source community

  • thinkpads were the only option for BSD’s, lets hope Framework brings the better
  • suggestion : Probably, contributing to kernel & upstream packages would be more efficient when compared to taking care of each distribution individually

if possible allow exchange of older parts in near future, thereby reducing the amount of E-waste

Sorry for repeating some of the existing topics, just thought they might go well together
hopefully this childish dream becomes reality :)

It seems that Framework Laptop is also option for OpenBSD and FreeBSD.