Suspecting possible firmware issues. Any advice on BIOS/Firmware debugging?

I mostly have no problems with my framework and truly love it. A couple of my annoyances with the way the computer works seem like they could (possibly) be related. I have nowhere near enough information to tell though, but here are the issues that (might) be related:

  • i have to be careful to avoid touching the touchpad during the rather long (10-15 seconds maybe?) wake-up period (Kubuntu 21.10) otherwise i sometimes encounter issues such as
    • touchpad not moving mouse at all
    • touchpad WAY too fast
    • occasionally issues similar to this and this (where the laptop appears to suddenly shut off as if all power was removed).
    • i used to see some of these shutoffs in the middle of doing things, but that seems to not happen as much lately
  • sometimes closing the lid wont cause the laptop to sleep when i think it did. After this happens i usually put the laptop in my bag or leave it on my desk and come back to it either cooking itself in my bag, or with a dead battery, respectively.

Don’t get me wrong, i love this laptop. I’d love to do what i can to help myself, and the community, fix some of these issues, but the sudden nature of the shutoffs when it does happen seem to make it hard for me to get any decent logs of what caused the shutoff.

Since all of these seem like they might be tangentially related to BIOS and/or sleep+wake im curious if there is a way to access lower level firmware/BIOS logs or gather other debug information about these issues.

I’m familiar with some of the basics like the logs available in dmesg (my go-to when stuff breaks), systemd service logs, and the existence of logs in /var/log but am curious if there’s somewhere i can be looking (either elsewhere or somewhere more narrowly scoped than all the things listed here) to learn more about what may be happening and/or gather data from intentional attempts to reproduce the problems above

This one has been fixed, at least, in a coming firmware update. Touchpad behavior is governed by the embedded controller, which is open source at

I can’t speak to the other one, and can’t currently (as I am on my phone) talk about debugging. :slight_smile:


Awesome! Ive noticed many people saying “update your BIOS” or something in response to some issues on this forum. Is this EmbeddedController firmware what they are talking about? Do you know if there is a changelog or something so i can see what changed since the version I have installed?

The BIOS and the EC firmware are two separate things, however updates to both are distributed together. By performing a BIOS update, you are also updating the EC firmware.

Release notes for the latest BIOS / EC firmware are in this post, and you find similar posts for older BIOS updates.:

oh neat thanks for that! it looks like 3.09 probably solves many of these issues: