Swaping batteries for travel

I have two batteries, 55Wh and 61Wh.

I plan to use 55Wh most of the time when working at home while laptop will be connected to docking station (charge level set to 80%).

Furthermore, I plan to insert 61Wh batter when I’ll need to travel and any 1Wh will count, with charge levels set to 100%. I travel for a week or two every 1–2 months. I’ll take a travel power adapter, but mostly will work on battery.

I would like to ask if there are any hols in my plans and what can go wrong.

Additionally, I’ll store battery not in use charged to 50-60%.

Thanks in advance

I think your main issue would be the durability of the battery connector. It is easy to bend pins.

Also on the newer main boards without an RTC battery you would lose the time and BIOS settings every time you switch.

Hi @Krzysiek,

If you are concerned about battery life on longer trips just keep the 61WH battery installed. Like @Shawn_D_Alimonte said, you might wear out the connector/contacts, or worse bend a pin from swapping them. Yes they are meant to be replaced, they are not designed to be swapped like older laptops that had a battery you could snap in and out.

When you are at home and docked; limit the charging to 70%. Then when you are going to be travelling change it back to 100%. That will give you the most life out of it. The battery is specified to last a long time and over a lot of charge cycles. More so than the cheaper battery packs used elsewhere in the industry.

Thank you for your responses. I looked on the battery connector and yes, it will be better to keep larger battery inside.

Maybe external powerbank will support it if needed.