System Crash When Opening Certain Games

So, a few times already, I have had this laptop just reboot on me for no reason when I sometimes open certain steam games (Rogue Trader, and Reentry - An Orbital Simulator). I do not get a blue screen before the crash, just the Framework logo when it boots up. I know there is probably nothing I can do to resolve this but I would be happy to provide any requested logs to Framework in order to help get this resolved. My OS is Windows 11, fully updated. I am using a dGPU module.

Also, does anyone else have Satisfactory? I cant even open this game on my Framework as it just immediately crashes with this error: Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000000000001f8. I turned off the winblows memory integrity stuff but that did not help.

EDIT1: These games work on my Intel Framework 13 attached to my AMD eGPU.

I have Satisfactory and it runs fine using Proton on Linux. It is running on the dGPU (prime render offload) and with the vulkan renderer (command-line argument to the game).

Do you happen to have any games which have kernel-level anticheats installed?

I would also have suggested trying to manually force a kernel panic (blue screen of death) to see if they can occur at all, but that requires a keyboard with a scroll lock key (looking at my framework laptop, I can see that no such key exists)

EDIT: looks like it is actually possible to modify the keycode Windows will listen for

So I did some more experimenting with it, I connected my dock directly to the dGPU and I still had some issues crashing, so I reinstalled the drivers and everything has been fine since.

As for Satisfactory, it seems like plugging in my dock to the dGPU directly solved that issue. The only bad thing is my dock can’t charge the laptop anymore.

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