Take-back system

Will there be a take-back system, for example, if I decide to change the motherboard, will the site offer to take back the old one for a certain amount of money, like the phone take-back system?


I think this a great idea :raised_hands: :grinning:

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This is part of our plan with the Marketplace. We want everyone to be able to re-sell modules and products they no longer need directly to other interested consumers or refurbishers. As we continue to develop our product ecosystem, we’ll be creating other interesting ways for folks to re-use modules like the mainboard.


I was looking through the forum for this question. I was thinking about what I would do with a spare mainboard after upgrading, and throwing the old one away, or keeping it as a spare part in case I want to buy all the parts required to make a second laptop both seemed like undesirable options to me. I hope to see the marketplace have great success.