Texture or Dust on Palmrest


My palm rest has been building up a sort of texture to it? It feels like it has a lot of tiny holes. They’re not dust as there’s nothing to pick on or scrape off. My right side palm rest only has but a very tiny amount of small “holes”, it’s practically spotless.

Any ideas on why this is happening?

Could be a manufacturing issue - I would contact support about it and send some pictures along!

I could try but I doubt anything might come out of it. I’ve practically just accepted my left palm rest as fact after 2 years, haha. But I’ll see what they say. I’m just mostly curious what you guys think it might be.

Hole hell that looks almost like the aluminum plates I used for an electrolysis project once, do you got super acidic sweat or something?

Well, their username does start with PH…

Just riffing, hopefully you are able to get it resolved. If not, you could always consider putting a skin on the input cover.

I don’t think so, lmao. The right side of my palm rest is essentially spotless even though I rest my hands on both sides evenly