Thanks to the Moderators

Just like to acknowledge and thank the moderators, I use them quite a bit when I see a post that I think could be merged etc. Oh and I’ve been told off a few times for calling people out on what I see as their lack lack of forethought and consideration :slight_smile:

I don’t know how you moderators cope so I hope you get a few more but I couldn’t do it.


The time it must take is beyond my imagination and personally I can’t hold my tongue long enough not to seem challenging.


I might be biased, but I think we have one of the best moderator teams, and we can’t thank them enough.


I was very active on the Fairphone forum, but my attitude to some questionable others wasn’t appreciated. I think my English would be challenging to the EU. I had to just leave as I couldn’t understand their problem with one of my posts.

But also the users there were a lot more inconsiderate in their demands of Framwork than I have seen users here.

I think the problem was the users expected a Fair phone whereas the phone was built to be fair to the miners and factory workers and for the price wasn’t the best phone.

Here the emphasis is on the user ability to update parts and that seems to be working well.

The most complaints I see here are availability in certain countries and the more common complaint about slow support.

Both Framework and Fairphone both sell directly. Fairphone does sell via some companies but the phone is also centred around the EU network…

Here there are less problems and there a lot of savvy users.

People making expansion cards etc. is so attractive.

I’m hoping my 11th Gen last until Framework produce one with a touch screen or even a proper 2 in one.

My Fairphone is 4 years old and just received an Android 13 update.

So this 11th Gen I expect to last more than six years probably 10 :slight_smile:

Take care and thanks for all your attention which has been substantial over the last ?? what six months. Maybe you are still young and not so stubborn as I am only time will tell, but also if this is a paid job for you, you may just move on, and people will miss you.

I can’t see me moving on from Framework or Fairphone they are both made by oustandingly considerate people.

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