The League of Batch 6

  1. Ordered: Nov 29
  2. Preparing to ship, please confirm Nov 30
  3. Charged (unknown if I have been yet)
  4. Shipping ???
  5. Arrived ???

I ordered an i5!

11/20 - Ordered i7 DIY
11/27 Preparing to ship your batch
11/30 Preparing to ship, please confirm
12/2 Charged
Shipping: Pending
Arrival Pending

Just received my Batch 6 i5 laptop!


@Avendor When did you order and get charged?


11/13 - Ordered i5 DIY
11/27 - Preparing to ship your batch
11/30 - Preparing to ship, please confirm
12/1 - Charged
12/2 - Shipped (I am near Toronto, so it shipped International Economy)
12/6 - Picked Up from FedEx Ship Centre (Had an issue with another FedEx package not going out for delivery so I had it sent to the ship centre)

@Avendor Thanks for the info! Let us know how it works! I ordered mine the last week of Nov and got charged last week. I ordered an i7. Still waiting for a shipping email.

I’ve seen this a lot over the last few years. I believe that organizations that do a lot of shipping create their own labels through an app, and that generates a tracking number, which of course, they can then give to you. But FedEx isn’t going to admit they have a package until they’ve scanned it at a facility, and generally speaking, that’s not going to happen over the weekend. I imagine you’ll get better information later today.

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Placed my order this morning.
i7-1165G7 with 32GB RAM (1 stick), WiFi 6E AX210 No vPro, power supply
Expansion Cards: 2 USB-C, 2 USB-A, and 1 HDMI
I found a Black Friday deal on a Samsung 980 Pro, so bringing my own drive. I have an old Windows 8 license I hope I can make work. I wanted to wait for a 15” with a faster processor and dedicated graphics, but I need a Windows computer sooner for CAD. My plan is to transfer Expansion Cards, RAM, SSD, and WiFi to a 15” (if possible and when available) then sell the rest in the Marketplace. If Iris doesn’t cut it, I will look into an eGPU.

Batch 6 club unite!

DIY, no ram/ssd
Ordered Nov 25
Shipping soon(charged) Dec 2
Edit 1:
Order has been shipped(just label, no package in the system): Dec 6 ~11:00PM EST

Iris is dead, long live Xe!
edit: Apparently Intel markets it as Iris Xe, which being on an entirely different architecture and vastly superior, seems to me to be a horrendously stupid naming convention, but hey, that’s Intel. (Sorry for the sidebar)

For those who have shipped what is your fedex tracking? Mine has been stuck on Arrived at FedEx location NEWVILLE, PA for 4 days now.

Curious why you didn’t do 2x 16GB for dual-channel speeds?

Sorry, I don’t have any tracking info (yet) but I am guessing your package, with international shipping, has been/will be hung up at Customs.

DIY for me! \o/

Ordered on the 5th. Probably going to run OpenBSD or NixOS on it :smiley:

The real world difference between single and dual channel exists, but it isn’t a deal breaker. I also think it’s highly likely that I will upgrade the RAM at some point. So I’d rather take a small performance hit today and be set up for a cheaper and less wasteful 64GB upgrade than try to squeeze every ounce of performance out 32GB that I will eventually replace.

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Just got an email saying my laptop (DIY i5) shipped and a tracking number! Couldn’t be more excited.

FEDEX must look at these forums, started moving.


Exact same situation here. Hope I get more info tmrw, because if I don’t that means the Thursday estimated shipping date is going to be off.

My order was shipped around the same time, it’s currently on a truck out of Pennsylvania. Was picked up at 12 am on Saturday. My fedex tracking estimates Wednesday

My mom’s current laptop takes 30 or more minutes to start up, so yeh she needed an upgrade! So I ordered a Framework laptop on 12.4.21! I want to say it’s just for her but at the same time it’s for me lol. She’s in her upper 70s in age and I wanted her to be able to use it to write about her life. My mom has always been a quiet person and she hardly ever spoke about her life prior to getting married. From the little she’s told me I would say she’s had a very interesting life. She once mentioned that when she was a pre-teen kid, she traveled with her Logger father to different work sites around the Philippines. They didn’t have modern “restrooms” so she had to do her thing out in the jungle, and one time a wild monkey came along to stare at her when she did her business lol. I don’t have kids yet but if or when I do, and when they’re older I want them to get to know my amazing and courageous mother through the stories she will write. I’m hoping Framework will be around for a while and stay current so she can keep on writing for as long as she can :slight_smile:

Go Go! Batch 6!