The magnetic bezel puts slight pressure on the screen

Do I need to put a bit on the left side too?

Unlikely: try doubling the thickness of the postcard trick on the right. Keep in mind the idea is to thicken the magnet, not the bezel itself.

I tried that too. all it did was make the bezel bulge out

What are ya’ll using to test/check this? Is there a specific image you set full screen or something?

Ensure the backlight is 100% (255/255), set a pure black (#000000) background, hide icons/windows, turn off the lights (including RGB keyboard if needed) and you get the best conditions to observe light bleeds induced by screen pinching. Most of us noticed it because of a normal black bar: desktop panel or 16:9 movie.


Gotcha, thanks

New bezel came today and made no difference. still pinches in the same spot, my index card fix still bulges it out. I think it pinches on the other side near one of the smaller magnets too. I’ll contact support tuesday and send the new one back and keep it bezel less I guess until better bezel’s are made.

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So support asked for pics of the display cable on both ends even though the display is fine. Getting the cable back in on the display side was scary but that connector is pretty tough. and yes, even after redoing everything, both bezel’s still pinch in the same spot. No difference.

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Even after a screen swap, same issue with both bezel’s maybe just slightly less pronounced. I’ll just keep the bezel off with the screen open and only use it when I travel.