The magnetic bezel puts slight pressure on the screen

Is this normal? I’ve pulled the bezel off, and the pressure goes away, so it’s certainly the bezel causing it. It leaves a very slight pressure discoloration (so slight it isn’t noticeable unless you’re looking for it), but I’m still nervous that it will damage the screen if left long enough. Should I be worried?

EDIT: I fiddled with the magnets by taking the bezel off and putting it back on again a few times, and I was able to make the light bleed go away.


It’s slight enough that I can’t imagine a camera would even pick it up, or I’d show a picture of it

Nevermind, it’s visible. Notice the ever so slight lighter color in that black border

Also mentioned in this post: Possible reason for screen light bleed


You should be able to get a pretty good picture of it if your screen is entirely black (but still on with brightness max). Mine has it as well with the bezel.

I can confirm this, as well. Though in my case it’s so minor, I can really only notice it with a full black screen at 100% brightness. I’ve not made any adjustments to the screws in the top half, either.

Here’s a tool you can use to easily make your entire screen black (or any other color, for that matter):

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Can confirm I am experiencing the identical issue to you in the exact same place as well, to the right of the webcam. Have you contacted support about this?

I confirm too (FW 16 batch 5). Upon close inspection, I can see light bleed on multiple points on the bottom of the screen without the bezel. The bezel adds two such points on the top of the screen, close to the bezel magnets, the one on the right being the worst offender.
I initially noticed it because I use a black task bar on top of the screen. I have reported the issue to Framework support, asking for recommendations. Wait & see.

Do we know whether the issue is caused by a badly made bezel? Maybe can anyone with multiple bezels check whether this happens with all of their bezels?

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I made an edit to the post. The light bleed went away when I fiddled with it a few times by taking it off and putting it back on again from different sides


I tried that too but always end up with two light bleeds. I’ll try again though.
Framework Support asked for a video of the issue… I started working on it but filming a screen and its light bleeds is harder than expected.

This is quite interesting. Have you done anything with the display screws? This seems like the root cause of this is the bezel and not the display fit.

Edit: I will be modifying my order, so it comes with 2 bezels to verify this theory. However, I am in batch 18.

Nope, didn’t touch the screws. The main thing I did was starting from the top and working down. This let me fiddle with the issue area until I was happy before letting it snap down the sides

This was mentioned when the press units went out I believe. Perhaps try loosening the screws around the screen a fraction of a turn incase they are putting too much pressure on the screen.

There was no way to get rid of the light bleeds by simply adjusting the bezel or the screws around the screen. So I glued two small pieces of thin cardboard inside the bezel, on top of the problematic magnets. The extra thickness they bring removes pressure from the screen and thus removes the light bleeds.


Might showing pictures of it how it looks? Is there any visible effect?

I am waiting for my pre-order and this is the part I am most worried about…

Might showing pictures of it how it looks?

I took a few pictures for the Framework support… and they are crap / not worth sharing here.
@nikcha’s picture is fine though.

Is there any visible effect?

It depends how you use your screen. If you always display bright contents, you may never notice anything. If on the other hand, you display a lot of dark areas (black taskbar, tty, terminal emulator, movies with black bars above and below), then you will likely notice an area that is not as black as you expect it to be. That’s about it. We are not dealing with a geyser of light ruining the entire screen here.

I am waiting for my pre-order and this is the part I am most worried about…

I think the problem is finally solved here, without any RMA. So maybe this is not something you should actually worry about?


I realised I worded my question poorly and I meant to ask something different. Sorry. What I meant was: Can you share photos of your fix? Considering the fact you put a cardboard there, is it visible where the cardboard is from looking at the screen? Are there any waves in the bezel due to the cardboard making the bezel thicker?

Can you share photos of your fix?

is it visible where the cardboard is from looking at the screen?

Absolutely not. Perfectly invisible.

Are there any waves in the bezel due to the cardboard making the bezel thicker?

None that I can detect. An important keyword in the way I describe the fix is “thin cardboard” (about half a millimeter).


Update: Framework is sending me another bezel. Upon reception (no date yet but the parcel currently is “in transit”), I should be able to tell whether another bezel makes a difference.

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