The NVMe Temperatures Thread

While deciding on what NVMe I want for my DIY, I searched for temperatures. I thought it would be nice to have one thread, where all temperatures are posted.

WD SN850:
Startup: 28C
Heavy Load: max. 85C (duration: 10m, 70C after 50s, 80C after 80s)
(my own tests, result see: The Benchmark Thread - Hard Drive - #36 by Simon_Brand)

WD SN770:
Heavy load: 70C
Source: Anyone using the WD_Black SN770? - #8 by MidnightMatter
Test results: The Benchmark Thread - Hard Drive - #29 by MidnightMatter

Samsung 980 Pro:
Normal workflow: 45 to 50 C
Source: The NVMe Temperatures Thread - #6 by 43c

Which tool should we use to read the temperature in Windows and in Linux?

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Good question, in Linux I just used smartctl:

while true; do smartctl --xall /dev/nvme0n1 | grep Temerature: ; sleep 5; done

I think for Windows/Linux any smart-capable program will do.

With my Western Digital SN770 drive, I use the WD “Dashboard” software in windows for real-time temperature and performance metrics.

I put a Samsung 980 Pro in mine and during my usual workflow (development running docker containers and kubernetes) I average 45 to 50 C.

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@Anand_Gadiyar On Windows I would recommend HWiNFO. It should be able to read the NVMe temperatures.

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Thank you for the info. I add it to the start post, but since workloads differ from workflow to workflow, I think specifying a worst case temperature is more useful.

Edit: Ok, I no longer can update the first post :frowning:

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