The Post BIOS 3.07 Experience + a couple of ideas

I recently found out about Framework after having a bricked laptop. About one month ago I purchased a laptop through a linux retailer. 30 days later to the day, my device stopped functioning (mostly) because of a firmware/BIOS issue similar to what was described here in BIOS v3.06

Now that BIOS 3.07 has been released and probably sufficient time has passed to determine if the issue presents itself… In my case with that other company, the firmware issue was not resolved and with them seemed to be either more complicated or they could not do it.

In any case, I am wondering how many users have updated from 3.06 to 3.07 and if any issues have presented themselves? Does 3.07 indeed resolve the issue? In many cases devs believe the issue is resolved only to discover that it is not.

I am on the fence about the Framework laptop. Some suggestions or ideas based on observances…

  • An extended internal battery or a battery that could be fitted from the outside, like in the “good ole days” . I am not a fan of the internal batteries
  • A rubber/silicone option like with many cell phones have and some tablets and chrome books have to protect them from dropping.

Finally, how is the general usability on linux?

Maybe you should build a poll ?

  1. Yes updated to 3.07
  2. No problems
  3. Using windows only
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I haven’t upgraded to 3.07 as there is still no way to upgrade the BIOS when using Linux as LVFS/fwupd still isn’t supported. From Jan 6 2022 -