The Screwdriver on the Marketplace Tools page is so lonely

Look at it. It breaks my heart. This poor screwdriver is all alone on the tools page because of how tool-efficient the laptop is. :disappointed_relieved:

Possible friend ideas:

  • Different color options to match the bezel colors
  • Screwdriver 5-pack
  • Double-ended screwdriver
  • Screws
  • No more tool options ever in order to make a point.


Poor l’ll screwdriver. All alone, no friends. Reminds me of this: IKEA - Lamp (2002, USA) - YouTube


When you make a laptop that’s easy to repair, you don’t need many tools :slightly_smiling_face:.


They should rename the section to ‘Tool’ to make a point.


My Shopsmith woodworking machine has what is called the “shopsmith toolbox”. Just a 5/32" hex wrench that fits all the fixtures and adjustments.

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Perhaps Framework team can add some screws to bundle it with the screwdriver :shushing_face:


I’d actually quite like to see the screwdriver made optional when buying the machine to be honest! I already have at least one or two that’ll do the trick…

It feels weird buying a computer primarily designed to be environmentally friendly and then getting a screwdriver that I don’t need that I can’t say no to :thinking: I’d rather save a few quid and not have it I think!


I was wondering if the screwdriver is the kind of thing that can be taken on a plane? I would imagine not, since it looks quite long and to the average security officer would look dangerous. Then again, most stylus’ have a similar profile.

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Depends on where.

USA / TSA should not be an issue as long as it does not have any kind of a blade in it. They allow metal, long, very pointy knitting needles, and my not bladed multi tool.

Out of Dubai, on the other hand, you’ll get the “no tools!” treatment, even for an eyeglass repair kit.