Thicker laptop, with pointing stick AND stylus

My favorite laptop of all time is the Thinkpad X200t: Review Lenovo ThinkPad X200t Notebook - Reviews

What I really want is this laptop with a modern GPU / screen.

Have you thought about a thicker laptop that would let people mount AI sticks and Raspberry PI’s and things inside? My x200t is about an inch thick when its closed, and a little heavy. PERFECT.

This would let us use our laptops as personal clusters. Wouldn’t it be useful to carry with you a personal web server / scraper / node.js server that isn’t directly tied to your own computer? This could add another layer of security for users, also-- a personal proxy server!

The main selling point for me would be to be able to kick off major AI computation and then take a Zoom meeting with the same laptop.

And of course, the all important pointing stick + stylus combination, which is like peanut butter and jelly.

Very excited about this product!


A good idea for Framework is to release a normal edition like they do and a thicc edition like you wanted. But that’s later down the road.

Half of the people down here don’t want a thicc. Afterall, you have thunderbolt, so you CAN attach your GPU if you want.

Most people wanted a laptop that are as powerful as a aircraft carrier, but as small (13 inch) as possible and maybe a bit thicker if needed. Just like I wanted.
However, eventually you will realize that in order to have aircraft-carrier grade performance, it need to be as large as a aircraft carrier (e.g. 17 inch)
See Alienware Area 51m. You then will have full size HDD bays, replaceable graphics cards and ten-pound thermo solutions. They also had a desktop CPU socket, if you noticed.


I want a laptop with an internal cluster so I can use it that way. Spin off separate processese and keep working on something else.

So, I’m dreaming of a laptop geared toward distributed software (scuttlebutt, mammoth, signal, etc) and modern computation.

In my own industrial design dreams the modularity expands in every direction – I have a cluster on my laptop that is paired and seamlessly accessible by various media devices. So, I am already doing NLP on some text on this device, I want to use my cell phone to do object detection on these images. The NLP reports are outputted to my reader with the e-ink screen, etc. etc. etc.

I have already written huge chunks of what I need:

I plan on wiring everything together with javascript.

I wonder if I could buy a DIY version and build my own Chassis for it. Has anyone done that?

No. But, what i do know is that Framework provide the CAD for the motherboard, so you can 3D print a case and put your own cluster around it.
And the motherboard is actually standalone, so it can run on its own (except a glitch where it wont power on unless battery is attached)
This however mean that you will need to somehow fetch a display, keyboard, mouse that go onto the motherboard connectors, among other things. (you can run everything off those four thunderbolt, but then, ports on the motherboard is more direct and failproof
You could use those Framework pieces, though. They have replacement parts for sale (of course).

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I second this!

There’s probably more Thinkpad fans then Macbook fans in the R2R movement, so a great product that will profit for Framework.


One of the selling points of the framework is its looks + repairablilty but I do think a more open dev model would be really cool later but for now i think they should stick with their main selling points

I get the idea behind it, but I really could not fathom the idea that creating such a laptop would sell well if the only reason it is thick is to be thick. If, say you could buy it with or without a GPU and the necessary cooling in the same chassis, that may be a bit more feasible. Otherwise that would be a very incredibly niche market space which would more than likely lose them money.

One thing about modularity and interoperability is that customization like this becomes cheaper and cheaper. I’m looking into building my own chassis right now. Then I can just take the guts out of an existing and reuse them!

Looks is a really silly and consumerist thing to focus on IMO, especially when every other laptop on the market looks the exact same now… Why not do something different that will get your brand clout?

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Those rotating screen 2-in-1s are totally nostalgic and are going to attract every pair of eyes in your room when you flip it. Or when you just feel like doing so when showing something to someone right next to you. It’s like the new flip phones, except that it’s actually somewhat practical.
But on the other hand, they faded it out because the hinge wear out/break quickly and have a bulky mount, so you have these stupid “yogas” instead.

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